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Cold Storage In Abu Dhabi

Cold Storage In Abu Dhabi; Consistently Reliable


Cold storage in Abu Dhabi solution enters the 21st century. Recently, major

advances in refrigeration technology have allowed fresh foods, such as

vegetables, fruits, meats, and seafood, to stay fresh longer.

Contributing to this evolution towards more effective Cold storage in Abu Dhabi

are additional technologies, such as control panels, which

can help monitor changes in the room and enable remote access to key settings.


Convenient Controllable Operation

The climate of the United Arab Emirates is extremely hot

with desert air. This scenario requires each company to

store its products with Cold storage in Abu Dhabi. That’s, at

a maximum temperature of +25°C to maintain the

freshness and quality of the food products and the

optimal health of the final consumer.

Depending on the product to be stored, maintaining

the ideal environment and temperature is crucial for

modern cold storage in Abu Dhabi. A cold storage

must also be easy to control and operate from the point

of view of the operating staff. Therefore, companies

should ideally build a modern control panel and observation options.


Why Cold Storage Services?

It is an essential part of supply chain sourcing for customers

and end clients; excellent cold storage creates a perfect space

and preserves the purity of your product at all times. You

will find the most sophisticated and modern cold storage facilities in Abu Dhabi.

You will find sophisticated and modern Cold storage in Abu Dhabi.

These cold rooms comply with international food safety laws and

regulations for storing frozen meat, frozen products, dairy products,

vegetables and fruits, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverages,

and other temperature-sensitive products.


What To Expect From Cold Storage In Abu Dhabi Facility?

  • Value-added logistics and warehousing services, including dry storage, freight forwarding, excellent and fast freezing!
  • Experienced operators, forklift services, container loading, and unloading personnel within the cold storage in Abu Dhabi facility!
  • They offer storage flexibility in terms of time, daily, weekly, and monthly to yearly.
  • Thanks to on-site technicians and experienced 24-hour operational staff, the cold storage can receive and store goods at any time of the day.
  • Monitored 24/7 temperature-controlled facility for customers!


Why Choose A Professional Cold Storage Service?

It is always essential to choose professionals because they

protect your products. A professional always offers a complete

follow-up of the temperature control process of the system

and a temperature control service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professionals in Abu Dhabi have the best connection and

communication system. You can visit these places to know

which is ideal for you. A reputed professional company always

offers different types of services. You should constantly review

and select the best cold storage in Abu Dhabi Company.

The cold storage solutions in Abu Dhabi, located in the accessible

area, is best; this caters to many customers by offering at least three

fully temperature-controlled chambers and keeping the load in the range of +18 to +25°C.

Professionals have years of experience in food logistics; Because

of this, they ensure the integrity of every unit you place in their

facility. Each member who takes care of your product is fully

trained and can easily handle any operational needs for food products.


Learn How The 3 Types Of Cold Storage Work For Your Products

Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage (CACS)

Typically, this type of cold storage must be continuously monitored

and controlled in a controlled atmosphere cold room. The respiration

rate of food products causes the atmosphere to change over time. A lot

of precision and experience is required when using this technology

since too high concentrations of some gases, such as oxygen

or carbon dioxide, can damage your fruit or vegetable.

One of the biggest benefits of controlled atmosphere cold storage

is making a product available for a longer time, reducing

postharvest chemicals to protect against insects and microorganisms.

The type of atmosphere maintained for food storage does not support the growth of microbes.

Temperature Controlled Cold Storage (TCCS)

Temperature-controlled cold rooms are mainly used to

store cereals, nuts, spices, and non-urgent products. With

this type of storage, a constant, predetermined temperature

is maintained to create an ideal atmosphere for storing delicate foods.

These units are typically insulated and equipped with ventilation

and heating or air conditioning for excellent temperature stability.

High and low temperatures are expected depending on the unit’s

location and the products to be stored. Some think that the temperature

can vary and is entirely different from the average room temperature.

A uniform temperature is maintained throughout the device with

minimal power consumption. Suppliers ensure uninterrupted and

silent operation and preserve the freshness of the stored

products until they get to consumers.

Modified Atmosphere Cold Storage (MACS)

Modified atmosphere cold storage is mainly used for the storage

of fresh vegetables. With this type of storage, a modified atmosphere

is created and maintained. It does this by maintaining a

predetermined temperature and high humidity throughout the room.

The technology behind this atmosphere extends the shelf

life of foods, especially fruits and vegetables. The main

focus of this technology is to reduce the respiration rate of

the food product, which causes premature ripening and spoilage.

Although modified atmosphere cold storage in Abu Dhabi

offers less control than controlled atmosphere cold storage,

modified atmosphere cold storage also thrives by changing

the temperature and gas composition of the storage space.

An optimal balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide is maintained,

which is critical and different for each product. The idea is to

control respiration, retard microbial growth, particularly mold,

and minimize enzymatic spoilage. Chlorophyll degradation is

delayed, resulting in more excellent color stability and preservation

of the visual appeal of foods. The modified atmosphere can

extend the shelf life of meat, poultry, fish, grains, oilseeds, fruits, and vegetables.


Why Choose First removalists For Your Products?

We specialize in providing comprehensive facilities and maintaining

the right temperature according to the needs of the product to

extend the shelf life and maintain the freshness of your products.

We can store huge products and also provide cargo distribution

facilities. With our excellent cold storage in Abu Dhabi services,

you will find experienced operators, container loading, forklift

services, and unloading personnel. You can’t worry about the storage period.

Finally, First Removalists also offers a time frame facility; it is

up to you how long you want to store your products; we offer

daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. We truly care about your comfort.

Our cold storage in Abu Dhabi is at your disposal at any time

to store your products. Our staff and experts are available

24/7 to welcome customers and take care of your

products in the best possible way.


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