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Movers In Dubai with a stellar reputation: First Removalist

Planning to relocate to or within a different region can be quite stressful. The additional concern of how you are going to move your belongings is even more stressful in itself. That’s why if you are considering moving to or within Dubai, you should trust the First Removalist movers in Dubai to relieve you of your stresses associated with the removal process by ensuring all your items and belongings are moved in the safest and most efficient manner.

at First Removalist we pride ourselves in our ability to constantly and consistently implement professional conduct within all aspects of your removal service. Moving is not an easy process nor is it an inexpensive proposition. That’s why it’s in your best interest to hire a professional Moving Provider Like First Removalists.

When considering the amount of time and energy needed to accompany such a complex and timely process, just know that selecting our professional movers in Dubai is in your best interest. Here, we are the best movers in Dubai as we handle every aspect of the relocation process so that you are able to direct your focus on other important parts of your move to Dubai. Starting life in a new city or area may be quite challenging. movers in dubai

Reasons why you NEED to hire our professional and skilled Dubai movers company

People attempt to engage within the removal process on their own and as a result experience many challenges. In order to relieve you of such a hassle, you should hire our best movers and packers in Dubai to conduct your move here within the city of Dubai.


When moving to a different location, it’s clear that such a process may present you with many hassles and challenges. Therefore, you should select our best packers and movers in Dubai to take all these hassles and challenges off your hands in order to provide you with a hassle-free and worthwhile moving experience.

Saves you Time and Energy:

Packing up your home may take many days and may be physically exhausting. The accumulation of items acquired will consume most of your time, especially when attempting to pack up all of your belongings. In saying so, after packing, Our movers load all these packed items onto a vehicle.

After arriving at your new location, Our movers unload all the packed items from the vehicle, unpack and re-assemble them. What an energy and time-consuming process! This is extremely beneficial to you as it’s our team that’s handling the hard work, thus only saving you your time and energy.

Precision and Expertise:

When selecting to hire the best movers in Dubai, Our trained staff will ensure they carefully pack and unpack all your items and belongings in a manner that considers their safety and security. First Removalist’s movers and packers in Dubai will further dissemble all your. Our movers in dubai carry out The loading and unloading parts of this process in a safe and time sense manner.

No Stress Move:

Our movers and packer in Dubai will allow you to sit back and relax while allowing the best movers in Dubai to carry out every aspect of the removal process whether it be a business or household relocation. Hiring our professional team here at First Removalist is the best choice if you wish to be provided with a no-stress and professional moving experience.

First Removalist: The Qualities that make us the Best Movers in Dubai

Our team of removalist’s operate in Dubai. We pride ourselves in your continued professionalism that we employ and embed into our removal services hence making us

the best movers in Dubai and your first choice when planning to relocate to Dubai. Here are some qualities that we possess which make us the best movers in Dubai.

Customised Moves:

Here at First Removalist we recognise that every home will require its own distinct removal process.

Our movers and packers in Dubai will be sure to treat every removal project differently.

Simple and Quick:

As professional movers in Dubai, we ensure that we keep everything as simple and fuss-free as can be. We ensure we utilise the most efficient and best quality packing materials.

load and assemble any sort of household items.

so as to ensure there are no complications or delays within the removal process.

We have formed a Large Network:

Our movers in Dubai have acquired a large network

hence ensuring that we have acquired great control over the operation and the movements of our vehicles. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation for you, our client.  Thats why people in dubai consider First Removalists to be the best and first option for you.


When it comes to companies that provide moving services in Dubai, very few can compete with the kind of solutions that we at First Removalists offer. Our expertise in the space is unrivaled in every way. We cater to commercial and residential clients and focus on providing tailored solutions. Our team of experts recognizes that it is imperative to understand what the client’s specific requirements are. Based on the discussions that we have with our clients, our customer service team will provide the best solutions.

Moving Services In Abu Dhabi

High-Quality Moving Services in Dubai

If you are relocating, you need to be assured that the company which handles your move has the resources, experience as well as tools and equipment required to handle every single aspect of the job in the best possible way.

With the vast experience we have in this industry, we know what it takes to provide our clients the kind of solutions that will provide them value for money. We understand that commercial clients will have very different requirements than residential ones. The latter need moving services in Dubai that are more detailed in terms of specific requests etc,

and we are more than happy to accommodate these.

On the other hand, commercial clients want to make sure that the entire move runs very smoothly and completed within the shortest time. This is because they cannot afford to keep their business shut for very long. Many such things are crucial from our clients’ viewpoint, which means they are essential to us as well.

Professional Moving Plans

As a customer-centric company, it is always our endeavor to ensure that the solutions that we provide are aligned with our clients’ requirements. It is also why we offer several different moving services in Abu Dhabi plans such as:

  • If you want a start-to-end service, which includes packing all the items, transportation as well as unpacking and placement, we can provide these services as a VIP package.
  • in this plan we include White glove packing solutions and all the packing materials you need.
  • We also have premium and standard moving services in Dubai packages with different inclusions that you can choose from.
  • If you feel that you need something specific in terms of the services that we provide,

all you have to do is tell us what your needs are and we will try our level best to accommodate those requests.

Our aim is always to ensure that our clients have the most delightful experience of our moving services in Dubai. You will find that every single member of our staff is exceptionally efficient, friendly, and professional all at once. They know precisely how to pack every single item and transport it without any damage to the new location.

Relocating Large Furniture

We also have expert furniture moving a team that handles disassembly and assembly of large furniture pieces that need to be moved to the new location. They take utmost care while packing individual parts of these furniture pieces and load them very carefully into the truck. At the destination, our experts will unload the furniture, reassemble and position it where you want.

Perfect Packing Solutions

We know from experience that when it comes to moving services in Dubai, packing everything perfectly is extremely important. We use high-quality commercial packing materials in all our projects. Our movers carefully pack all the items individually and put into study moving boxes.

They make sure that delicate items, decor as well as crockery are packed with additional care. Even the larger pieces and belongings in your home or commercial establishment we pack them to perfection. It is this attention to detail that sets us apart from many other companies that provide moving services in Dubai.

Domestic and International Moving Services

Our team of experts can handle international moves with the same level of efficiency and professionalism as local ones. When it comes to international moving services,

we take care of every single details that all of the paperwork and permits are in place.

This helps ensure a seamless move,

and you won’t have to face any problems with the authorities while your we transport your shipment across the country’s borders.

We currently offer international moving services to Australia, the US, and the UK. Our expertise in the space comes from years of experience and our ability to evolve and incorporate the best methodologies. We continuously upgrade ourselves, adopt the latest technologies, and hone our logistics processes. This helps ensure that we can provide our clients with top-quality solutions at all times. First Removalists offer offers a wide range of moving services in Dubai. If you want to know more about our services, contact us through our online form or call us at 0525 633 557. Experienced customer service executives will be happy to help.


The Assurance of Safety and Security to your Belongings:

Within every stage of the removal process, our professional team will do everything in their power to protect your belongings.

Our movers in Dubai only ever the best quality packaging materials,

We at First Removalist are the best affordable Dubai movers. Our team includes well-trained, efficient professionals ready to tackle any moving challenge. For reliable Dubai movers, contact us through our online form online form or call us at 0525 633 557.


Frequently Asked Questions


First Removalists has an extensive moving experience of  27 years in the moving industry. We know exactly what every customer needs and we do our best to complete the moving process easily and smoothly.

First you need to contact us to set up an appointment for a quick home inspection. We will look at the size of your job and if you have any specific requirements.

Yes Certainly, we do provide international moving service from UAE to the rest of the world like United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the rest of the world.

Sorry no, our prices are fixed

It depends on the size of your moving job, if it is a one bedroom home it might take between 4-6 hours. If it is a three bedroom home it might take between 10-12 hours. Really depends on the access and if stairs are involved on both locations. Contact us for more information.

Yes, we do international moving services from UAE to the rest of the world, we have a very strong connection and network in all the countries that ease the process of you international moving.

At First Removalists payment need to be done in advance, before the the start of the moving job and no longer than the unloading of your belongings.

Yes, at First Removalists we are committed to providing our services to all of our customer 24/7. We are just a phone call away from you.

Yes certainly, you just need to specify which items and our team will arrange it for you on the day of your move. This will make your move easier so you don’t have to spend your last night in your home on a mattress on the floor! If you are going to do the packing yourself we can still do this for you, you just need to let the Communication Consultant know when you are obtaining your quote. If you are using our services on an hourly basis, then this will just be part of the job done for you.

It depeneds on the type of moving package you choose to go with, for instance if you choose the premium or the v.i.p package we definitely provide you with all the boxes, if you choose to go with the standard package we don’t provide any boxes within this package offer.

The catch is that First Removalists do not price match, we are not very cheap (or super nasty) we are able to offer superior service at an affordable value for money simply because we do not engage in the cut throat discount pricing that eats away at profit margins and thus service levels. We stick to our pricing and rates which provides us with a reasonable profit margin, allows our business to function smoothly and thus enables us to deliver the services that we promised at the rate that we promised.

Yes We provide our moving service locally and internationally from all the parts of UAE.

At first Removalists we have two payment methods You can pay either cash or via bank transfer.

First Removalist have public liability and goods in transit insurance. Premium And V.I.P Local Moves have further protection with comprehensive insurance.
For those moves not covered by comprehensive insurance we can provided this as an optional extra for you. If you would look more detailed information regarding insurance please call 0525 633 557.

We will take extra special care of your treasured and valuable items, whether these are of monetary or just sentimental value. When packing for you, these items our movers will wrap and pad in industrial strength bubble wrap. Then depending on the size of the item– or else it will be placed in a well padded, clearly labelled sturdy box.

Simply because we are the best!
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Joe Issa

Very organised and competent company to deal with I have moved with them more than once and all moves went smoothly

Ahmad Masri

Fast and very friendly. We had to move to Dubai and I knew it was going to be a rough move but these guys were absolutely amazing.

Mohamed Abdullah

'm using their removals services for the second time, and I'm very satisfied again. They were prompt, respectful, efficient, careful, always asking where and how you want things moved. Even so, they were careful, no damage whatsoever. Definitely, would use them again.

Ronny Singh

All packing materials we received turned out to be very handy. The moving boxes were big enough to carry all our belongings, including heavy items. The bubble wrap provided outstanding protection to everything. Thanks once again.

Rima Abboud

The furniture we asked for to be delivered at our address was safely brought in and assembled. There is nothing more to demand from the service provider, it all went very smooth and without problems.