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Storage In Dubai | First Removalists | 2024


storage Dubai

First Removalists is a leading moving company in the UAE that also offers Storage Facility In Dubai solutions.

While moving to a new office location, you might need

secure long term storage for your furniture, equipment, etc.

Many homeowners have similar requirements when they are

moving to a new home that they have purchased. Regardless of what the case is, we are here to help you with the best storage facilities.



  • Air Conditioned Storage Units In Abu Dhabi.
  • Advanced Dehumidifier System to protect the furniture from mold and humidity.
  • Pest Control Service provided on monthly basis to protect the items 
  • CCTV Warehouse 
  • Storekeeper 24/7
  • accessible 24/7
  • insurance against natural disasters included
  • Closed And private Storage units

Safe Long Term Storage

Today, we are recognised as one of the premium moving companies in the

region and want to make sure that our clients get start-to-end services.

It is why we also offer safe long term storage solutions to residential and commercial clients. You can choose from storage units of different sizes and capacities based on your specific needs.

These units can be used to store everything from appliances and furniture to personal belongings as well as valuable assets. If you are looking for a well-protected, safe, and secure long-term storage solution, we are the company to call. Since we are expert movers, we can help with packing all your goods into the Storage Facility In Dubai.

Once you are ready to move into the new location, we will pick up all the stored items and transported them efficiently to the new place.  Because you have to deal only with one operator for your packing, unpacking, storage, and transportation requirements, you enjoy a seamless and stress-free experience.


World-Class Long Term Storage Facility In Dubai

To make sure that you are 100% happy with our services, we have invested in world-class storage facilities.

It helps ensure that all of the items you entrust to us remain secure and safe.

These Storage Facility In Dubai have round the clock CCTV surveillance,

which means you have peace of mind that all of your goods are well-protected at all times.

We also understand that you need the right environmental conditions

in the Storage Facility In Dubai and this is what you always get when you opt to store your goods with us.

Whether you wish to keep antique furniture, personal belongings, household appliances,

or expensive artwork, you can count on us for the best long-term storage facilities.

Since these units have the right kind of environment, it helps prevent any depreciation of the quality and value of your stored items.

Storage In Abu Dhabi – First Removalists

If you’re moving, downsizing your living space or simply need to store furniture for a temporary period, it’s important to choose a furniture storage company that meets your specific needs. Abu Dhabi is home to numerous furniture storage companies, each offering different services, prices, and facilities. In this article, we will discuss the factors to consider when choosing a furniture storage company in Abu Dhabi.

  • Location:

The location of the storage facility is an important consideration as it will affect the ease of access to your stored furniture. Choose a facility that is conveniently located near your home or workplace.

  • Security:

Security should be a top priority when choosing a furniture storage company. Look for facilities that offer 24-hour surveillance, alarms, and secure locks.

  • Climate Control:

Furniture is sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, and it’s essential to choose a facility that offers climate control. This will protect your furniture from damage due to extreme temperatures and humidity levels.

  • Size:

Furniture storage companies offer different sizes of storage units to accommodate different amounts of furniture. Choose a unit that is the right size for your needs, taking into account the size of your furniture and the amount you need to store.

  • Price:

Furniture storage can be expensive, so it’s important to compare prices between different companies. Make sure to read the fine print and understand any additional fees, such as insurance, access fees, and late fees.

  • Customer Service:

Good customer service is essential when choosing a furniture storage company. Look for a company that offers responsive customer support and clear communication about their services.

  • Reputation:

Research the reputation of the company you’re considering. Check online reviews and ask for references from friends or family members who have used their services.

  1. Insurance:

Make sure the company you choose offers insurance for your stored furniture. This will protect your belongings in case of theft, damage, or loss.

  • Accessibility:

Consider the hours of operation and accessibility of the storage facility. Look for a company that offers convenient hours and easy access to your stored furniture.

  • Additional Services:

Some furniture storage companies offer additional services such as packing, moving, and unpacking. Consider these services if you need assistance with moving your furniture.

In conclusion, choosing the right furniture storage company in Abu Dhabi is essential to ensure that your furniture is stored securely and in the right condition. Consider the factors discussed above when making your decision, and take the time to research and compare different companies. A well-informed decision will ensure that your furniture is stored safely and effectively, and that you have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in good hands.

Cost-Effective Long Term Storage


Storage Facility In DubaiWe are very committed to providing our clients with top-notch solutions regardless of whether they opt for our moving services or require long time storage facilities. We always follow stringent security protocols to make sure that we store all of the items in these units are in good condition and safe at all times.

Whether you want to store all of your personal belongings from an apartment, villa, or commercial space, you can rely on us for the best long term storage services. We also recognise that each client will have particular needs when it comes to storage. You will find our customer service team to be extremely proactive and helpful. They will provide you all the information you need about the types of storage units that we offer as well as their pricing.



Cost-Effective Long Term Storage Solutions


Our experts will have detailed discussions with you, so they have a good understanding of your specific needs.

Based on these discussions, they will provide their recommendations about

the type of long term storage that might be best suited to your requirement.

We make extra efforts to ensure that you receive customised solutions which provide you value for money.

Whether you need our services to store your company

furniture and assets or items of personal use from your home,
we can cater to your individual needs.

High-quality services, reliability, and cost-efficiency are just a few of

the things that set us apart from many other operators in this space.



Reliable and Professional Moving Services


Once you confirm your requirement, we will visit your property

and make sure we have a clear idea of your requirements. If you have large furniture,

we may need to disassemble it before moving it to the storage unit.

We will make sure you have a clear idea of the storage costs as well as the pricing for packing and moving the furniture and other items.

Our expert team will make sure that to move all your items and furniture, appliances or equipment safely to the  Storage Facility In Dubai space.

If you are not very sure about precisely what kind of unit/s you require, give us a call and speak with our knowledgeable customer service team. As a result, They will make sure that you get the kind of long term storage you need.

First Removalists offers excellent long term storage services. Get in touch with us through our online form or call us at 0525 633 557 to know more about our services and solutions



Self Storage Service Dubai: A Perfect Solution To Your Storage Needs


In Dubai, self-storage has been best positioned as a business-to-private investment strategy,

offering a high reward and a low-risk opportunity.

As lifestyles change, individuals and businesses demand

reliable and secure self-storage facilities to store their belongings.


The need for alternative storage space has allowed

the Self Storage Dubai industry to expand and to provide

entrepreneurs, developers, owners, and investors the opportunity

to diversify their investments safely. Over the last decade, self-storage

service has emerged as one of the most important real estate segments,

ignoring the fact that it is yet to reach its commercial prime.



What Exactly Is Self Storage?


Today, self-storage Dubai facilities offer numerous amenities and options,

including air-conditioned units, indoor-only units, multi-story self-storage facilities,

and various security and access options, to name a few.


Self-storage still more commonly refers to renting a traditional

storage unit from your local storage facility. Self-storage is often

used in transitional periods, eg.

  • Moving
  • Remodeling
  • College/semester breaks
  • Business excess (equipment, inventory, supplies, etc.!

The storage rental process in Dubai is relatively easy.

Rental contracts for storage units are usually concluded month by month.

From choosing a facility to moving your belongings to your new storage unit,

the entire process typically takes less than half an hour.


When renting self-storage,

you will need to bring your goods to the premises and unload them at your unit.

Many establishments offer the use of a rental truck to carry your belongings.

Sometimes the rental truck or van is discounted as a special offer or can be used to move in for free.


What Are The Most Common Reasons People Use Storage Facilities?

The main reason most people rent a self-storage unit is the lack of storage in the home.

Many of those who use storage units are homeowners, and one in ten

households in the UAE rents a storage unit.

That may sound strange at first, but when you factor in the astronomical

growth in consumption and retail sales, the industry’s

boom is relatively easier to measure.


Other reasons include moving to a new home or renovating the home. So, keeping a business inventory, and storing valuable items and documents.



What Do People Store In Storage Facilities?


The most common things that people store are:

  1. Furniture
  2. Refrigerators, Appliances: stoves, heating and cooling units
  3. Old computers, Electronics: TV, audio equipment
  4. Valuable possessions: expensive and rare artwork, antique furniture, jewelry, and booklets of stamps
  5. Memorabilia and Important documents. Land titles, Family photographs, writers’ manuscripts, marriage certificates, heavy equipment, and many more.



Self Storage Dubai Features To Look For


The best self-storage facilities have 24-hour video surveillance on the premises, and high perimeter walls and strong doors further strengthen the premises. Because, The use of an electronic code or password is required to access the facilities through the door. The connections are well lit at night without intruders entering the premises.


Most self-storage buildings are strong and have the built-in ability to withstand major natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. Other security measures, such as biometrics, used to prevent illegal access to the rental unit. There is no risk of a scammer accessing your belongings.



The Storage Facilities Protected Against Fire.


Self-storage units protected against fires by installing smoke detectors, water sprinklers,

and fire extinguishers in strategic locations throughout the building.

To further protect your valuables, they offer insurance coverage for the stored items on the device.

The insurance coverage applies to the time in which the merchandise is in a self-storage until its departure.


Modern self-storage facilities have units with and

without temperature control. So, Uncontrolled units suitable for objects that are not

sensitive to changes in temperature. Temperature controlled units are essential for items that exposed

to extreme temperatures. Temperatures regulated to prescribed values ​​and to keep these sensitive items in good condition.



Finding Self Storage Dubai Online Will Save You Time.


The Internet is a convenient way to shop and explore.

Results will soon display them in front of you as you search online,

and more than thousands of pages of information are waiting for you to explore.

With this amount of information, it’s hard not to overwhelmed, which is why most people choose

on the first page of results as everything you are looking for can be accessed in seconds.


If you are looking for books, winter coats, and recipes on the Internet,

you can search the Internet for a self-storage Dubai facility. Perhaps you are

downsizing your home, you want to do some renovations, or you may have acquired some additional possessions in the last few months.

You will most likely need to find a safe and reliable place to store these additional items.


Self-storage units are the perfect solution for your storage needs.

You can store affordable household items that you no longer need to use until you

decide to donate, sell, or find out that you will need them again.

It’s a cheaper solution than buying back items you discarded after finding a place for them in your home.

If you browse the Internet and search engines,

you can find a storage unit that suits you and your needs.


Also, Self Storage Dubai services have wide doors that facilitate access to

facilities and high-tech security with remote surveillance and closed-circuit

television to ensure the safety of each room’s content.



Self-Storage Service: A Means Of Reducing Costs


The cost of self-storage Dubai space is lower than that of office or commercial space,

saving you money. Self-storage users in Dubai can often find facilities nearby.

Customers or users receive additional service value as self-storage managers we trained them

to advise you on storing items more efficiently in less space, thereby reducing costs.


Lastly, some self-storage companies insist that you rent for a minimum period,

while others, such as the First Removalists, offer flexible terms.

They will tell you what documentation required, what payment methods accepted,

whether locks and packing materials included, and any storage and non-storage restrictions.

That makes your moving more straightforward as well as avoids needless complications.



Car Storage In Dubai Helps Garage Congestion.


In Dubai, car storage is becoming more and more popular these days as city residents can safely

store their new or unused cars with little effort and affordable charge. So,

The car storage in Dubai service is for both individuals and businesses who

would like to make their cars more secure and have their garage congestion-free.


All over Dubai, and quite often at the airport, people leave some of the world’s

most expensive sports/luxury cars with their keys when fleeing the country. As a result

Dubai is indeed among the best and wealthiest cities in the UAE and even in the world!

Some years ago, with the stock market crash, things turned around for many people,

including many of Dubai’s aristocratic citizens.


When you live and work in one of the world’s wealthiest cities, like Dubai,

you have difficulty keeping up with the Joneses.

Luxury and exotic cars were part of the culture of Dubai.

Now car storage in Dubai has created a strange phenomenon and helps car owners solve the clogging headaches.



What Car Storage In Dubai Holds For Users?


If you don’t have space at home to house your luxury vehicle or classic car properly,

car Storage Facility in Dubai provides the extra space and general maintenance you need.

The first step in protecting your high-quality, classic car starts with choosing a safe

and reputable storage-like First removalists car storage in Dubai.


These car storage facilities are offered in large numbers in various cities in Dubai

so that people can keep their cars in car storage units away from thieves and vandals

who do not miss a chance after seeing an abandoned car on the street.


The rental business is well-positioned, offering various unit shapes and

sizes to suit all types of customer requirements and needs.



First Removalists The Name To Trust In Dubai


Whether you have a small or hefty car, these storage facilities are a boon for your storage woes.

Car storage is specially equipped with many facilities.

However, all of this requires good research.

It would be helpful if you took the time to find the best place for your car.


Apart from thieves and vandals, the car owner is also concerned about the unpredictable

weather and the ruthless drunk driver who could ruin a perfectly parked car.

Car storages are set up in various Dubai cities to help you ensure your vehicles’safety;

they offer some of the best services that a garage space cannot offer either.


With 24-hour surveillance and security devices such as cameras

and alarms and supervisors and well-trained security personnel!



Here Is What You Should Do If You Want To Use Car Storage In Dubai.


It would help if you did certain things; this’s to make

sure your car’s in good shape when you return to pick it. As a result,

The level of care you need may depend on whether you

keep it locked up for a few months or a more extended period.


Refill your car with antifreeze and motor oil- you must make sure

that it’s well filled with antifreeze and motor oil.

It’s a good idea to leave a window slightly open to ensure adequate ventilation.

However, some prefer to tape a net over the opening to

make sure small animals can’t get inside.

The hand-brake must be off, and the wheels locked to stop the movement.



First Removalists Storage Facility In Dubai


You can remove the battery from your car- When you will be away for a while, remove the battery,

and thoroughly clean the terminals. It’s likely to freeze in the United Arab Emirates,

but it’s good to charge the battery before returning it if possible.


Keep it clean, Cover and Polish- Leave your car clean and dry,

and covering it with a protective polish can help keep it in tip-top condition.

Glass surfaces must also be dry before storing it in car storage in Dubai.

Moisture in the car can cause problems during storage.

It’s a good idea to lift the carpets and make sure they are

dry before parking the car in storage.


If you have kids who have used the car, look for food scraps under the

seats as they can attract small pests or make the car smell while you are away.

You probably don’t need a car cover unless it’s stored in an open area with other cars.

Once you’ve found the right storage for your car in Dubai, you can relax,

knowing that it’s safe and ready when you need it.



Top 3 Reasons To Use Storage In Dubai



  1. They Are Cheap


Storage in Dubai units can range from 3ft x 3ft to 10ft x 30ft.

Depending on the size you need for your car,

you can expect to pay from as low as 360 AED per month to over 1700 AED.

That’s not bad when you consider all the maintenance required to keep your car at home.



  1. Storage Facility In Dubai Units Uses Air Conditioning


Today, most of the storage facilities in Dubai offer air-conditioned

warehousing facilities. So you don’t have to worry about the outside temperature.

Your car stays warm all winter or nice and cool all summer.



  1. Your Cars Are Safe


Most importantly, car storage in Dubai is ideal for storing cars as

they are incredibly safe. So, You can assume that most storage devices have 24-hour security access.

Your storage also has a lock that only you can access.


The trusted car storage facilities in the UAE offer extra-large storage space. In order to,

to protect your car from the natural elements.

There are many benefits to hiring reputable car storage in Dubai to store cars.


By now, you may have learned why employing storage,

especially car storage in Dubai, is essential for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Choose the car storage that suits you best to store your precious cars.


Lastly, a professional company such as First Removalists will ensure that

all reasonable efforts have been made , in order to secure the facility.

Strong doors at staff entrances, raised bollards at main entrances,

and fire and burglar alarms should be standard.

First removalists Company has its car storage in Dubai and many cities in the country with the best services.

in Arabic Language نقل اثاث في دبي 




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