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Shipping to Amman from Dubai

First Removalists : The Name To Trust In UAE


First Removalist™ is an Australian operated and based removal firm which provides high-quality and affordable removal solutions to clients. We offer our services to all clients and to any type of move no matter the complexity

of the relocation and no matter whether the move is commercial, domestic or residential. Here, at First Removalist™ our main objective is to ensure we are able to provide and maintain customer satisfaction.

Shipping to Amman from Dubai

Our team of skilled shipping to Amman from Dubai removalist’s will ensure they maintain customer satisfaction,

specifically by providing all clients with an exceptional and high-quality service.

Since every home and move is different,

we provide a customised removal process to each of our client’s in order to deliver our services

in accordance to their needs and specifications.

Our team of skilled shipping to Amman from Dubai removalist’s will carry out every aspect of the relocation process,

from the initial packing and labelling of your possessions to the loading,

unloading and the careful unpacking of all your possessions.


First Removalists : Shipping To Amman From Dubai

At First Removalist™ our team of skilled shipping to Amman from Dubai removalist’s have been operating within the industry for many years and hence have acquired the necessary experience and skills required to deliver an effective and efficient move. Our team highly considers safety and will therefore implement safe and secure practices into every aspect of your removal process. In addition to experience our shipping to Amman from Dubai removalist’s also Professional and have the most recent removal machinery and tools required to simplify the overall removal and relocation process.

Upon hiring us, our team of skilled shipping to Amman from Dubai removalist’s will effectively communicate with client’s in order to devise a plan that precisely details every part of the move. This stage of the process is crucial as it allows our team to draft any barriers or challenges that may present themselves along the journey. In predicting such difficulties, we know how to deal with such circumstances if a mishap was to occur. Hence, our excellent planning stage pre-commencement of the move better suits our team to deal with external conditions, hence differentiating us with our competitors whom don’t have the time to consider planning.

You should hire our skilled shipping to Amman from Dubai removalist’s to handle your next relocation because:

  • We offer Exceptional Services

    – Our team of skilled shipping to Amman from Dubai removalist’s here at First Removalist™ have been trained to deliver impeccable services in an efficient and timely manner as to prevent any delays from occurring throughout the removal process. Our team’s experience and skills along with the machinery they possess makes us the best match to carry out any type of move, no matter its complexity, distance or time required.

  • Planning is Key

    – At First Removalist™ we attempt to always be aware and alert when carrying out your removal process. However, unpredictable external conditions may sometimes appear. As a result of planning before actually commencing with your move, our team has full knowledge and suited to handle such circumstances if they occur along the removal journey.

  • Our Precise Packaging and Labelling

    – Here, at First Removalist™ we will ensure to label all your possessions and cargo

in order to simplify the removal process. Labelling your possessions also enables us to take extra care of items with a more fragile nature. Once all your possessions have been clearly labelled, they will then be safely packed in a secure manner. Packaging is essential as it assists to prevent damage. Once we label all cargo and package it by our skilled shipping to Amman from Dubai removalist’s they will then load them onto our removal vehicle before transporting them to your destination.

  • We are Fully Insured

    – In order to present our clients with a piece of mind,

we offer a comprehensive insurance to all your possession which covers all

your items in the unlikely event that a mishap occurs along the relocation journey.

  • We offer Domestic and International Moves

    – Our team of skilled shipping to Amman from Dubai removalist’s here at First Removalist™ offers both domestic and international moves. Whether you wish to move to a different part

of the UAE or to another country across the globe such as the

UK, USA or Australia, you can be sure that First Removalist™ has you covered.

  • Storage Services

    – First Removalist™ additionally offers an array of storage service solutions which you may find useful. If you wish to store and item whether it be commercial,

residential, a vehicle, personal and for long or short-term you can be sure that First Removalist™ has you covered.

10 reasons that make First Removalist™ the best Shipping Company to Jordan:

  1. First Removalists Have closed and temperature-control truck which guarantees the safety of your belongings during the shipping process.
  2. We offer a door-to-door service.
  3. We have the fastest delivery time with an average delivery time of 5 business days and a maximum delivery time of 10 business days.
  4. If you do not receive all your possessions within 10 business days, we will pay 100 Dirham for every day late after the 10th
  5. At First Removalists also extend our services to reassembling all your furniture if instructed by our client’s (at a different rate however)
  6. We offer competitive and affordable prices with the best shipping service in the country.
  7. First Removalists will answer all your questions to the best of our knowledge and with utmost professionalism.
  8. we can assure you that all our customers will be happy with the delivery of our services.
  9. Shipping with First Removalist™guarantees a stress-free process as all our clients are covered by our comprehensive insurance package.
  10. We will take responsibility for all costs associated with the delivery of your furniture within the time frame of 10 business days.

If you have any further enquiries about the services that we offer here at First Removalist™ and wish to receive a consultation or quote be sure to contact our team of skilled shipping to Amman from Dubai removalist’s here at First Removalist™.

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Joe Issa

Very organised and competent company to deal with I have moved with them more than once and all moves went smoothly

Ahmad Masri

Fast and very friendly. We had to move to Dubai and I knew it was going to be a rough move but these guys were absolutely amazing.

Mohamed Abdullah

'm using their removals services for the second time, and I'm very satisfied again. They were prompt, respectful, efficient, careful, always asking where and how you want things moved. Even so, they were careful, no damage whatsoever. Definitely, would use them again.

Ronny Singh

All packing materials we received turned out to be very handy. The moving boxes were big enough to carry all our belongings, including heavy items. The bubble wrap provided outstanding protection to everything. Thanks once again.

Rima Abboud

The furniture we asked for to be delivered at our address was safely brought in and assembled. There is nothing more to demand from the service provider, it all went very smooth and without problems.