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Shipping To Belgium From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Belgium From Abu Dhabi : Knowing The Best Option For You

Shipping To Belgium From Abu DhabiShipping to Belgium from Abu Dhabi Companies favor Belgium even though it’s one of the smallest countries in the European Union, and it is one of the ten largest trading nations in the world. The export’s strength is due in part to the central location and the workforce’s above-average productivity.


The Belgian inland waterways network of more than 1500 kilometers connects the major Belgian seaports with the European inland waterways. Another major shipping importance is Belgium’s main rivers, the Scheldt and the Meuse, and their connecting canals and tributaries cover the entire country. Shipping cargo to Belgium is easy with the experienced shipping companies in Abu Dhabi. These experts will attend to your niche and quote them according to your shipping items.


Shipping to Belgium from Abu Dhabi shouldn’t take

that long if you do the paperwork ahead of time and prepare to ship your goods.

When you have decided to ship to Belgium, you need

to know what documents to complete and what fees to expect.


Belgian Customs Regulations

Regardless of what you send to Belgium, you will need a detailed inventory.

If you move to this country, you will need to complete a residency transfer

form. You may also need to provide proof of residence abroad. For example,

the following should be considered while shipping to Belgium from Abu Dhabi:


  • All merchandise will be listed separately in inventory.
  • Diplomatic assets
  • Wedding presents
  • Alcoholic beverages (detailed and estimated list required)
  • Diplomatic certificate and form 136F provided by the embassy/consulate
  • The inventory must contain the value of the goods and be listed as wedding favors.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Inherited assets
  • And more


Prohibited Items

  • In Belgium, some items cannot be imported at all.
  • The below among others are the Prohibited items;
  • Meat, milk and all items from non-EU countries
  • Drugs and other narcotics
  • Protected species and products made from these species
  • Small quantities of certain products from other countries are allowed.


Restricted / Taxable Items

Some items may have limited quantities or require a special authorization/payment

of duties and taxes to clear customs in Belgium. The below,

among others, are restricted items:

Firearms (special permission required)

Plants (special sanitary certificate is required for shipments abroad)

Baby food, baby milk powder, and special medical food (including pet food)

Food may be acceptable if it does not need to be refrigerated before opening.

It is a brand name food that is packaged, and the packaging bears the original seal (if not in use at the time).


Shipping Of Household And Personal Items To Belgium

Before you move, you should take an inventory of everything you will be packing.

The inventory must be submitted together with your identity documents,

your original certificate of residence in Belgium, and proof of your stay abroad’s cancellation.


If your goods are shipped from a non-EU country, you will need a certificate

stating that the owner has not lived in the EU for 12 months before arrival.

When moving a business, you will need a duly signed and postmarked employer

certifying your transfer. If the move is private, you will need a certificate issued by

the Belgian consulate in the place of origin confirming your move when

shipping to Belgium from Abu Dhabi.


If you are a foreign citizen and do not have a residence certificate in Belgium,

a 15% fee will be charged for customs duties. You are also liable

for 19% sales tax and BFRS 500 if you receive a penalty.


Shipping to Belgium from Abu Dhabi Of Vehicles To Belgium

To ship a vehicle, you need the following information:

The original registration and title of the vehicle!

The original certificate of residence in Belgium!

Proof of insurance from the country of origin of the vehicle must be valid for at least six months before you arrive in Belgium.

Proof of residence in the twelve months before you arrive in Belgium

An original purchase invoice for the car!

All customs regulations must included in the inventory, including the vehicle

manufacturer, engine number and body number, vehicle color and vehicle type.


If you have a used car, you can enter it for free as long as the owner has owned

the vehicle for at least six months before Shipping to Belgium from Abu Dhabi.


Shipping To Belgium From Abu Dhabi Transportation Options

There are generally two options available unless both countries have land borders

where land transportation is possible, but not Belgium and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The two options remain air and sea transport.


Air Freight: Airlines provide extremely fast service and provide climate-controlled

space and handle oversized cargo with ease. Except in extreme weather conditions,

cargo shipped by air reaches its destination quickly and reliably; it may be the best

option for urgent shipments that must be delivered on a tight schedule.

The downside of air travel is the increasing cost.


Sea Freight: Sea Shipping to Belgium from Abu Dhabi service remains one of

the best ways to transport large shipments that aren’t urgent. Due to the drastic

cost reduction compared to faster shipping by air, many people schedule regular

ocean freight plan to avoid paying high premiums for airlines.


The ability to ship oversized cargo and secure a climate-controlled space if

required are two other reasons why shipping to Belgium from Abu Dhabi is

becoming increasingly popular. However, the time involved in sea shipments put off

many who require faster shipping options and choose air shipping to Belgium from Abu Dhabi.


Determining Shipping To Belgium From Abu Dhabi Cost

International shipping is expensive, but comparing different shipping options can help

you get the best prices. This is something very important to consider when hiring shipping

to Belgium from Abu Dhabi Company. we determine The cost of packages by weight;

another thing that determines the cost is where the package goes in Belgium.


Lastly, the ideal shipping to Belgium from Abu Dhabi service such as First removalists must

have great knowledge with the types of shipping options mentioned above.

Thus, you can easily choose the most cost-effective option for whatever

shipment you need; comparing costs, understanding delivery time and

other factors will also determine the best option for you.


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