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Shipping To China From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To China From Abu Dhabi Services; What To Know.


Shipping To China From Abu DhabiShipping to China from Abu Dhabi is required when moving to China for work or vacation, and multiple goods need to be transported. Let’s say you move to China permanently or for a few years. In this case, you will need to investigate international shipping to China from Abu Dhabi to move each of your items.


As you may know, China is the most populated

area in the world. And recently, China’s imports

from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, increased 32.8 percent,

and in the first quarter of last year, bilateral trade was 16.2 percent higher than in the

same quarter of 2018. It is clear that the Relations between the UAE and China only

grow more and more, but a few items are prohibited from entering China.


Since this is a huge country, getting your package to remote areas or small towns

in China can be a time-consuming task and tracking these packages will be challenging too,

but not with reputable and professional shipping to China from Abu Dhabi Service provider.


China Customs

If you are shipping to China from Abu Dhabi, you must understand its customs, laws and regulations. Items whose values ​​are quite low (approximately less than 500 yuan) are tax-free. If you send items worth more than this value, you will need to pay the required customs duties and submit all relevant documentation so that your shipment is not rejected.


When it comes to documentation Chinese laws are quite strict. It would help if you had a checklist of requirements and plans, so you don’t miss out on anything.


In summary, the paperwork that is normally required is:

Packing list

Commercial invoice

Letters of payment or other credit conditions

Certificate of origin

Air Waybill for Air Freight or Waybill for Sea Freight (Shipment to China from Abu Dhabi Service Provider you choose will help you provide this)


Sometimes you may require more documents like certificates, permits, and licenses to complete the customs clearance process. When the customs authorities request these documents, your carrier, such as Firstremovalists, may guide; most people prefer to have professional freight forwarders handle customs clearance.


China Restricted Import Items

This is one of the most important points to consider when shipping to China. Each country has different laws regarding the list of prohibited items. You must know the rules that prevent you from bringing certain items into Chinese territory so that your package is not confiscated at the time of security clearance.


Restricted Items Primarily Related To;

  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Materials such as wood, sugar cane, bamboo, etc.


Under each category, you should know the list of allowed or not allowed items, allowed weight and other issues so that your shipments can be easily shipped. You want to be clear on this by requesting your chosen shipping to china from Abu Dhabi Company what items are banned from entering China in detail.


What Are The Options For Shipping To China From Abu Dhabi?

You have two options for shipping to China from Abu Dhabi: air freight and Sea freight. Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages.


Air Freight To China From Abu Dhabi

When your products are urgently needed in China, air freight is the best way to move your cargo. However, be prepared to pay a higher bill for this fast and flexible service.


Sea Freight To China From Abu Dhabi

Less than container load: LCL shipping to China from Abu Dhabi means that your load can be accommodated in a shared container in which shipments from other shippers are transported. The advantage is that you only have to pay for the space your cargo takes up, not for the entire container. If you plan to move small shipments to China from Abu Dhabi, LCL shipping may be the cheapest option.


Full Container Loading – FCL shipping to China means that you pay for the rental and transportation of a shipping container from Abu Dhabi to China for your exclusive use at a fixed rate. It can be cheaper than LCL, especially if you are transporting large and heavy goods.


How Much Does It Cost To Ship Cargo To China From Abu Dhabi?

The short answer is, it depends. Freight rates depend on the type of merchandise you want to ship. Perishable items may need refrigeration. For example, multiple huge items may require a large container.


They also depend on the chosen shipping method, as air freight is often more expensive than sea freight. It depends on the quantity, size and weight of your shipment. All of these could prohibit shipping by air or affect the size and quantity of shipping containers required.


If your goods weigh less than 100 kg, air freight can be as economical as using an ocean carrier. And, of course, it’s faster. Shipments over 100kg that isn’t urgently needed in China are usually cheaper by sea from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


How Long Does It Take To Ship Cargo To China From Abu Dhabi?

Your delivery times or maybe deadlines are likely to affect Shipping to China from Abu Dhabi. If you are in a hurry, air transportation or shipping is faster. However, it would take a few days (3-4) before your goods arrive in china.


Such speed has its price. If your deadlines are not that tight, or if your budget is limited, waiting 25 to 36 days for your items to be shipped by sea will surely prove to be your most economical option.


Choose A Reputable Service Provider.

Choosing a service provider with a great reputation and sufficient experience in the field is important while shipping to china from Abu Dhabi. The right company like First removalists will provide you with professional guidance on which items can be delivered to a specific destination and not, saving you a lot of time and embarrassment.


Finally, First removalists experts are always ready to receive your items, that is, send them to China from Abu Dhabi, providing you with the best, most affordable, efficient, and  reliable services so that you don’t have to deal with any fraud or inconvenience taking the delivery of your items in any china destinations.

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