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Shipping To Cyprus From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Cyprus From Abu Dhabi


Shipping To Cyprus From Abu DhabiShipping to Cyprus from Abu Dhabi companies such as First removalists

meet customer expectations in terms of quality, time and speed. Therefore, we have enough quality and experience to meet the Cypriot community’s expectations

looking to ship items of all sizes to Cyprus.


Cyprus remains one of the most popular Mediterranean

countries to ship items. Not surprisingly, it offers the

perfect climate, great job opportunities and excellent

quality of life. With the UAE’s longstanding cultural and historical ties to Cyprus, it’s easy to see why so many

Abu Dhabi ex-pats are making a move here (Cyprus).


Now that you have decided on your shipping to Cyprus from Abu Dhabi, the next thing you

need to do is get an overview of shipping costs and Cyprus customs

to arrange the shipment properly.


Cyprus Customs

Import duties and taxes apply when goods are imported into

Cyprus from Abu Dhabi by a private person or a commercial entity outside the EU.

Import duties and taxes payable are calculated on the value of the imported goods

plus import costs. Customs duties applicable to imports into Cyprus typically range from

0% to 17%. Some products, such as laptops, cell phones, digital cameras,

and video game consoles, are tax-free.


Certain products may be subject to additional customs duties depending

on the country of manufacture. For example, bicycles made in China have

an additional anti-dumping duty of 48.5%. The rate for imports (standard VAT)

of goods in this country (Cyprus) is 18%; for specific items, such as books, a VAT

rate of 5% or perhaps 8% is charged. The value-added tax is calculated from the

merchandise value plus international shipping costs and insurance import duties.


If you are a foreign diplomat arriving in Cyprus, your free entry to the country is usually issued to the embassy to which you belong.


The Items Below Are Prohibited In Cyprus:

  • Rifles and repetitive, automatic and semi-automatic firearms, repetitive and semi-repetitive shotguns!
  • Narcotics!
  • Products containing asbestos!
  • False and counterfeit coins or bills!
  • Pets can be introduced after a short quarantine period!
  • Dairy products and poultry are subject to market conditions!


Best Shipping To Cyprus From Abu Dhabi Options

The top 2 options for international shipping, including Demark, are ocean freight and air freight.


Ocean Freight To Cyprus From Abu Dhabi

Shipping companies offer ocean freight services to Cyprus from Abu Dhabi. Companies

like Firstremovalists offer outstanding shipping services to Cyprus, such as door-to-door

and can pack, move ship your item throughout Cyprus. These shipping companies

can ship your items to Cyprus in a 20 or 40-foot container.


Firstremovalists provide the best packing services for your door to door move to

Cyprus. We make furniture moving to Cyprus, fragile items moving to Cyprus,

cars moving or shipping to Cyprus.


We use bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, wooden boxes and corrugated metal sheets

for a door to door move to Cyprus. Our learned and experienced employees know

how to dismantle your furniture, pack the items correctly and move

the apartment to Cyprus if requested.


Air Freight To Cyprus From Abu Dhabi

Air freight to Cyprus from Abu Dhabi is one of the best shipping methods because it

is straightforward and fast. Firstremovalists offer door-to-door moving from Abu Dhabi to Cyprus.

We can load your items and take care of all the paperwork for import for a

door to door, moving to Cyprus from Abu Dhabi.


Car Shipping To Cyprus From Abu Dhabi

Do you want to send a car to Cyprus from Abu Dhabi? Returning Cyprus residents are

allowed to send one car per family to Cyprus duty-free.  As long as they are permanent

residents in the country and have been permanent residents outside the country for at least ten years.


Foreign nationals who are not Cyprus residents are allowed to import cars into Cyprus

as long as they intend to take permanent residence. Temporary vehicle import is also

possible for up to one year duty-free if the customer has lived abroad for

more than one year in the last two years.


When shipping a motorcycle to Cyprus, please note that there are customs duties

for motorcycles. For those shipping a vehicle to Cyprus, some documents need to be prepared, including the following:

  • Invoice for the vehicle
  • Vehicle registration with the name of the owner
  • Local road insurance
  • Passport


Why Choose First removalists?

We have experienced staff that will ship every car or maybe disassembling your furniture and

properly pack the items and s the items to Cyprus. We can load the container and take care

of all the paper for import for a door to door moving to Cyprus. We provide the full door-to-door

service for Cyprus, and we can even take your vehicle to a new home anywhere in Cyprus.


First removalists’ Services You Can Avail Yourself Of:

  • Sea Freight to Cyprus
  • Air Shipping to Cyprus
  • Groupage Shipping to Cyprus
  • FCL Shipping to Cyprus
  • LCL Shipping to Cyprus
  • Door to door shipping to Cyprus
  • Door-to-door cargo service to Cyprus


Shipping To Cyprus From Abu Dhabi Costs

Getting an accurate shipping quote or estimate depends on many factors. The shipping cost

from Abu Dhabi to Cyprus is based on the volume (cubic feet) you are shipping.

So it is important to get an accurate quote based on what you want to send.


The best way to do this is through an appraiser visiting your home. However, some shipping

companies such as First removalists offer video surveys via a mobile app or online calculator

to list what you want to ship. You want to check everything you need to know about shipping.

Don’t forget about hidden closets, sheds, attics, garages and anything else

that is kept in another location – it all adds up.


Finally, a seasoned shipping company like First removalists can help you every step

of the way to ensure that your shipping experience to Cyprus from Abu Dhabi is excellent.

We also offer a free online estimate that you can use to plan and budget for your sea or air shipping to Cyprus from Abu Dhabi.


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