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Shipping To Egypt From Abu Dhabi

So, How Does Shipping To Egypt From Abu Dhabi Works?


Shipping To Egypt From Abu DhabiShipping to Egypt from Abu Dhabi is always done by air, sea, or land. You can ship your items, such as furniture, cars, equipment, groceries, clothing, and cargo, door to door from Abu Dhabi to Egypt.


Regardless of whether you’re shipping a household or a costly item,

security is a particularly important part of courier services from Dubai to Egypt.

All deliveries via the first removalists’ platform from Abu Dhabi to Egypt are covered by standard insurance.


This piece is designed to show you how shipping from Abu Dhabi to Egypt works and what you need to know to establish your Egypt shipping strategy. So, Use the experience of the First Removalists company as they have handled thousands of shipping from Abu Dhabi and beyond to Egypt.


Steps To Hiring Shipping To Egypt From Abu Dhabi Company

It’s easy to avail yourself of a shipping service to Egypt from Abu Dhabi through first removalists as only three steps are required. The first step would be to add the weight and dimension data to the destination and sender of the goods. Next, the services and rates of the moving agency will be known, while the last step is to choose the payment method between the credit card and PayPal.


If you have any questions, a customer service phone number, live chat, and email are available. You can save a lot of money using this excellent shipping platform (first removalists). Please note that it also offers a cheap shipping service with discounts. We guarantee the best price for shipping cargo to Egypt from Abu Dhabi.


Advantages Of Shipping With The First Removalists’ Company

All shipments go door to door when a client requests it, so it’ isn’t necessary to go to the offices of the shipping service. The moving company chosen by the client is responsible for the collection and delivery to the address. Regardless of whether it’s fragile, large, standard, urgent, or cheap shipments!


If you want to know how much it costs to ship from Abu Dhabi to Egypt, you need to do a simulation in First Removalists. Remember that all packages have source code, so your shipment could be tracked.


To Ship Your Items To Egypt From Abu Dhabi, We Recommend That You:

  • Search to find the best price with the maximum benefit.
  • Pack the products correctly so that they not damage when delivered.
  • Print the labels if the agency requests it.
  • The package must be ready when the carrier arrives.
  • The dimensions and weight you enter in the search engine must correspond to reality.

There are urgent shipments, but if you need something cheaper, you can opt for a standard service. You can discover all of this with the help of shipping experts such as first removalists.


Egypt Customs Declaration:

According to the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) of the European Community, Egypt is assigned to other beneficiary countries (CBO) in customs matters. Therefore, it isn’t possible to ship to Egypt without a customs declaration; the customs declaration must contain information on the content and value of the goods.


You can complete The declaration in English or the national language, Arabic. In any case, quote will include customs duties for shipping to Egypt. For gifts to individuals, the payment of customs duties depends on the content of the package.


In general, for small air cargo to Egypt from one individual to another, the charge of the package can be minimal. Many companies ship merchandise to Egypt commercially. However, to process this shipment to be smoothly, we must provide some customs documents. A commercial invoice is mandatory.


The preference test only required if the products are from a member state of the Arab Community. Egyptian customs require an export declaration as another central customs document for goods. Depending on the value of the goods, you need to expect various documents regarding the export declaration.


Shipping Restrictions And Prohibited Items

Are you confused with Egyptian customs and regulations? Before shipping to Egypt from Abu Dhabi, it’s vital to know if special precautions should be taken during shipping or if they are legal. You get shipping instructions for Egypt and other countries from the first removalists company.


Prohibited Items;

  • Animals
  • Alcohol
  • Currency
  • Chemicals
  • Explosives
  • Drugs
  • Fresh Food
  • Firearms
  • Seeds
  • Tobacco
  • Plants

The list of restricted items changes frequently. Therefore, it’s better to check the official customs page before shipping your products. You can check with the First Removalists Company for updates on what you can ship to Egypt from Abu Dhabi.


If you have used the service of the first removalists, you will immediately understand that this is a comfortable and convenient way to ship. How long it takes to ship only depends on where you ship to in Egypt, as it can only take a few days sometimes. The next time you need a delivery service, you probably won’t have to think twice about who you want to trust your courier services from Dubai to Egypt.


Some couriers from Dubai to Egypt offer fast shipping services from the United Arab Emirates to Egypt; others known for the unmistakable flexibility of their delivery modes. In contrast, other shipping agency services are cheap. But what should we do for those of us who want our shipments from Abu Dhabi to Egypt to reach the recipient quickly, safely, and obviously at an affordable price?


First Removalists : The Name To Trust In Abu Dhabi


The First Removalists Company solved this puzzle and turned the solution into reality by introducing its unique shipping system. You don’t have to waste your valuable time searching for information and comparing prices to find the cheapest service, as it is always affordable comparing to other shipping to Egypt from Abu Dhabi businesses.


With just a few clicks on the first removalists’ website, you have access to shipping information on the final price of your shipping to Egypt from Abu Dhabi. You know when air freight to Egypt picks up shipments from Abu Dhabi to Egypt. Again, you can choose the most convenient payment method to pay for services. Shortly after, you will receive a message in your email with all the necessary shipping information. All the first removalists ask is: What do you want to ship to Egypt from Abu Dhabi today?



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Very organised and competent company to deal with I have moved with them more than once and all moves went smoothly

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Fast and very friendly. We had to move to Dubai and I knew it was going to be a rough move but these guys were absolutely amazing.

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'm using their removals services for the second time, and I'm very satisfied again. They were prompt, respectful, efficient, careful, always asking where and how you want things moved. Even so, they were careful, no damage whatsoever. Definitely, would use them again.

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All packing materials we received turned out to be very handy. The moving boxes were big enough to carry all our belongings, including heavy items. The bubble wrap provided outstanding protection to everything. Thanks once again.

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