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Shipping To Greece From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Greece From Abu Dhabi With The Right Shipping Provider


Shipping to Greece from Abu DhabiShipping to Greece from Abu Dhabi service is still your best option for shipping from Abu Dhabi to Greece or emigrating from any of the UAE regions. You need to learn more about this country (Greece) and prepare all the required documents of the item being shipped.


Shipping companies from Abu Dhabi to Greece offer a variety of shipping services. Everything from standard shipping of cardboard boxes, packages, luggage to pallet loading service and all other items of various types. More importantly, car shipping, furniture moving, and relocation services, as well as the special van delivery system, are tailored to the needs of individuals, businesses and any consumers.


If you are shipping to Greece using the easy-to-follow Abu Dhabi Companies websites, you can find information such as customs requirements in Greece you may be looking for.


Customs Regulations In Greece

Products or items that are coming from other nations unless the EU are subject to

Value Added Tax. Excise duties apply to a limited number of products: diesel fuel,

gasoline, spirits, wine, beer, mineral water, tobacco, cider, motor vehicles, etc.

Excise duty rates vary by product. The tax applies regardless of whether the

products are manufactured domestically or imported from EU or non-EU nations.


The fees are paid in cash or other payment instruments

(check, bank transfer, money order,); an extension of the

payment term can be granted through collection credit or customs credit systems.


Restricted / Taxable Items While Shipping To Greece From Abu Dhabi

  • In other words: alcohol and spirits (only a small amount is allowed – items must be labelled as kitchen utensils and loaded into the container first)!
  • Hunting weapons (Ministry of the Interior approval required)
  • The following taxes apply to established customs values:
  • Household appliances 23%
  • Carpets 30%
  • Furniture 18%
  • Antiques (more than 100 years) 8%
  • Computers and fax machines 18%


Prohibited Items From Abu Dhabi To Greece

  • Tobacco products
  • Drugs
  • Cigarettes (3 boxes)
  • Alcohol (12 bottles)
  • Live plants
  • Explosive materials
  • Weapons
  • And more

We recommend that you also contact your shipping to Greece from the Abu Dhabi service

provider to make sure all requirements have been met before import,

especially if there are differences in air/sea shipping.


The Two Best Shipping Options To Greece From Abu Dhabi

There are two winning shipping options for shipping abroad.

You can ship by air, which is by plane or by sea shipping. Each

option has its strengths and weaknesses. So it would help if you know

what you’re looking for while shipping to Greece before you decide

which option is right for you.


Air Shipping To Greece

Air shipping to Greece from Abu Dhabi service is ready when you need to

send your goods urgently. Shipping to Greece Businesses offer airport-to-airport

and door-to-door services and offer the most reliable air cargo

shipping for your shipments to Greece.


Sea Shipping To Greece

An extremely efficient and inexpensive way to get items from Abu Dhabi to

Greece! Sea shipping services are ideal for personal items, merchandise,

household goods, machinery, vehicles, heavy and oversized loads, etc.


Shipping to Greece from Abu Dhabi service has never been easier.

All you have to do is check out sea shipping solutions for your shipments

to Greece. These shipping companies offer the most reliable shipping

services to Greece with the cheapest shipping costs.


If you’re shipping on a budget, ocean freight is ideal, but you should also allow a few weeks for your cargo to arrive.


How To Find The Right Company For Your Shipment To Greece?

The idea would be to work with a company that delivers on time. What’s interesting is that successful delivery times are directly correlated with companies that also offer the best customer service.


Successful Deliveries

Successful delivery is directly related to timely delivery. Success is more

than just getting products to their destination on time. It also means a

safe delivery that is transported through the proper channels. First removalists

shipping service provider team can suggest the shipping option that best meets

your needs. For example, if you have goods that are large and take up a lot of space

or weight, a sea shipping option probably makes more sense than air freight, especially if the destination is half a world away.


Several urgent options are available for each available shipping method for excellent service.

Don’t trust a company that makes blind promises. You need a company like

First removalists that can easily help you and explain any additional surcharges

that may arise if you choose downtimes such as Saturdays or off-peak after business hours. You don’t want to be surprised with additional costs beyond what you indicated.


Customer Service Is Important When Shipping To Greece.

Another facet of punctuality is the effectiveness of the courier’s customer service department. Have an account manager who will return your calls immediately when you leave a message? Does the customer service representative handle your shipping needs ahead of time in terms of delivery options, availability and time? Do they guide you to the best possible shipping options for your shipments?


Fast service and the most advantageous shipping solutions are part of the overall aptness of any shipping company.


Why You Should Ship With First removalists To Greece From Abu Dhabi:

  • Provides the best car shipping service from Abu Dhabi to Greece in most cities, private or commercial, via ocean freight!
  • Shipping from Abu Dhabi for personal items, baggage and excess loads from your door to the airport!
  • Supply of complete containers of various sizes for all types of goods and materials, as well as refrigeration containers!
  • Shipping from Abu Dhabi to the main ports of Greece!
  • Fast air shipping solutions to Greece from Abu Dhabi and vice versa!
  • Reception and delivery of ordered goods from the airport or door to port in Greece!
  • Ease of logistics requirements for international trade between Greece and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates!


Lastly, choosing the right shipping to Greece from Abu Dhabi service is critical to the ultimate success of any business that has to import cargo regularly. The last thing a business needs is for deliveries to be delayed, lost, or arrives in poor condition. The only way to ensure your shipping needs are met is to hire a knowledgeable or right freight forwarding company like First removalists that is best suited to your needs.






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