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Shipping To India From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To India From Abu Dhabi Important Information


Shipping To India From Abu DhabiShipping to India from Abu Dhabi service can be very helpful while planning a move to India. It is helpful to read important information before you start packing your boxes. If you plan to move to India, this info makes it more practical and affordable to ship items. Items such as cars, households, etc., rather than budget to buy new items.


No place in the world can compete with the rich diversity of India. The South Asian country is a huge and highly diverse place, home to one-sixth of the world’s population.


India has 7,500 km of coastline, and 13 major

ports and shipping containers couldn’t be easier. The largest container seaport is Nhava Sheva,

south of Mumbai, halfway up the west coast. It is a huge port that handles more than 50%

of all container traffic to India. Other major ports of embarkation

are Mumbai, Tuticorin, and Chennai.


India Customs

It is best to read up on Indian customs and regulations before

Shipping to India from Abu Dhabi. You don’t want to bring something

that is prohibited or restricted and then get stuck at the arrival port. For

your cargo to go through customs, you must inventory and declare everything you bring into the country.


Most of the containers arriving in India undergo a physical

inspection. so, your inventory must match the contents. There are

fees to pay, but luckily India has a tax-free policy for people who move

there permanently. Whenever lived outside India for at least two years

on importing all household items, it does not cost anything. Please also

visit the website of the Indian Customs Officer for more information.


Shipping Rules For Residents And Foreigners

Indians and foreigners can send used household items and many personal

items to India duty-free, provided that they have been in possession and use

for at least one year before the shipment to India. You can send professional

teams to India as long as you provide customs with testing and certificates

proving their professional capacity to be ship to India from Abu Dhabi. You

can ship limited quantities of electronic equipment and devices to India while shipping to Indian from Abu Dhabi.


You can expect to pay import duties or taxes on different things shipped to

Indian from Abu Dhabi. For example, you must pay taxes on new items,

tobacco and alcohol products, large quantities of cosmetics, toiletries, groceries, and certain gold or silver forms.


India Prohibited And Restricted Items.

Some things cannot be shipped to India. Here is a list of some of the things you cannot send to India:

  • Firearms, ammunition, and all types of weapons (unless pre-licensed)
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Live plants
  • Narcotics
  • Pornographic material
  • Politically sensitive literature and more

You would like to check with the shipping company you chose for more information on what they cannot ship to India from Abu Dhabi.


Different Shipping To India From Abu Dhabi Options

When it comes to moving your things internationally, the choice is yours. There are two ways of shipping to India from Abu Dhabi, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.


Air travel comes in handy when you move last minute, although we don’t recommend it. Air shipping to India from Abu Dhabi is fast, however expensive.


Sea shipping is the other way around: it is slower but much cheaper. If you have time and a limited budget, shipping to Indian from Abu Dhabi by sea is the best option. Depending on the cargo you are carrying, you have to choose between a 20ft container and a 40ft container.


If you don’t have much to carry, you can share a container with other people (called less than container load and shipping to India from Abu Dhabi Company can help you with these decisions! Most Shipping to India from Abu Dhabi companies like Firstremovalists offer useful door to door service, although you should verify that this is part of their offer before agreeing to anything.


How Are Container Shipping to India from Abu Dhabi And Transportation Costs Calculated?

Container shipping costs depend on the form of cargo, the mode of transport, the weight of your merchandise, and the distance and popularity of delivery from the place of origin (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates).


How Air Freight Rates Are Determined

Air freight is sending freight by air. Almost all passenger aircraft also carry cargo and aircraft that are specially designed for the transport of goods.


Aircraft Container

Air cargo is most commonly transported in aircraft containers designed and insured for modern aircraft cargo. The dimensions of these aircraft containers are X 6’6 “/ 2 m, (W) 6’6” / 2 m, (L) X 5’2 “/ 1.58 m (H). It is possible to ship cargo that the container exceeds the measures, but must be specified and may require longer than expected to accommodate the space required onboard the aircraft.


Air Freight Costs

A volume calculation determines shipping costs based on 1.26 cubic meters on a pallet with an estimated weight of 210 kg. If the shipment exceeds the estimated weight calculation, you will be charged your cargo’s actual weight.


How Ocean Freight Rates Are Determined?

The nature of the cargo itself is important. If required by the climatic item conveyor, a reefer container, or dimensions are greater than standard shipping container heights. An open container may be required, which in certain cases can double the price.


Delivery time: There are certain times of the year when ocean freight rates increase, either because base ocean freight rates are increasing or when shipping companies charge additional charges, such as general rate increase (GRI) or perhaps for some Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) and congestion charges, etc. When planning your shipping to India from Abu Dhabi, keep this important information in mind to save on shipping costs.


Lastly, the First removalists film was formed by a team of professional movers and freight forwarders who are committed to providing excellent service to customers, as they are responsible for all the necessary details involved in your Shipping to India from Abu Dhabi or any overseas shipping project.



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