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Shipping To Ireland From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Ireland From Abu Dhabi ; What To Know Before Shipping


Shipping To Ireland From Abu DhabiShipping to Ireland from Abu Dhabi experts offer the best shipping services from Abu Dhabi to Ireland. They use services like door-to-door moving to Ireland, packing and shipping to Ireland, to name a few, and you can always choose between the sea and air transport.


Ireland and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,

have had excellent relations for many years.

Trade between Ireland and the Gulf region has

grown significantly in recent years, which is

particularly rewarding given the highly competitive global trading environment. Abu Dhabi to Ireland

shipping companies can provide the best service for your moving or export to Ireland at

any time. These shipping companies do Fragile items moving to Ireland, Furniture shipping to Ireland, Car shipping to Ireland.


If you are interested in shipping to Ireland, you have several port options,

as the country is home to many different seaports. Some of the main seaports

in the country are the Port of Bantry Bay, the Port of Galway, Drogheda and the Port of Dublin.


Irish Customs

To ship goods to Ireland duty-free, you must have lived outside the European

Union for at least 12 months before shipment. Also, you must have owned

the products for at least six months before shipment.


There are also some important documents that you need to provide before

shipping containers to Ireland. Make sure you have all your customs documents

ready before Shipping to Ireland from Abu Dhabi. Regardless of what you ship to

Ireland, you will need a detailed inventory, if you are moving to Ireland; you will also need to complete a residence transfer form.


You may also be required to provide proof of residence abroad. For this purpose,

plan to have a telephone or utility bill with your foreign address dated at least 12

months in advance. If you must provide evidence of employment abroad, you should

be able to provide a reference from your previous employer.


And again, if you’ve been employed for at least a year, or a copy of your payroll shows

that you were employed in the past year, your shipping company will help you find

out more about Irish customs while shipping to Ireland from Abu Dhabi.


Prohibited And Restricted Items – Shipping to Ireland from Abu Dhabi

  • You are expected to pay customs duties and VAT on shipments of alcohol to Ireland.
  • Certain items are prohibited from entering Ireland. Items prohibited from shipping to Ireland include:
  • Meat of any kind
  • Fresh food
  • Plants and all agricultural materials
  • Drugs
  • Pornography

If you want to send a weapon or related to Ireland, you must take the necessary

steps to obtain a special license from the Department of Justice.


If you have a secondary residence in Ireland, you must also be able to provide

evidence of your residence abroad. Please note that you must provide dates of

stay for more than one year. Also, be prepared to provide proof of residency in Ireland

showing that you have owned or rented property in the country for at least 2 years or more.


There are no customs duties on furniture for secondary residents in Ireland and VAT is

applied to the CIF value of your items. Please note that leasing or renting

out your secondary home is strictly prohibited.


Shipping A Car Or Related To Ireland

If you plan to bring a car, any vehicle or motorcycle to Ireland, make sure you

have the necessary documents. Some of the documents you will need while

shipping to Ireland from Abu Dhabi include the following:

  • Original insurance certificate!
  • Original certificate of ownership with proof of ownership for at least half a year!
  • VRT vehicle registration or a tax form
  • Invoice


Shipping To Ireland From Abu Dhabi Available Options

Air freight and Sea freight are the two routes. You can use a combination called Sea-Air, but it’s often less used.


The Air Freight Route


Generally, in air transport, a cargo company can buy the available space on a passenger flight and ship goods in the hold of the plane or, in some cases, rent a cargo plane for regular Air Freight. Typical transit time to Ireland from Abu Dhabi is 2-3 business days!


Sea Freight is divided into two subgroups; Full container loads (FCL) and less than container load (LCL)


FCL (Full Container Loads) – Shipping to Ireland from Abu Dhabi

To Ireland from Abu Dhabi, three different container sizes are available for shipment. The smallest size is a 20-foot container. This container has a capacity for 28 cubic meters of the product (approximately 28 cargo pallets). The next standard size is a 40-foot container.


This container will carry 58 cubic meters of the product (approximately 58 pallet loads), and the last of the three sizes is the 40ft Hi-Cube container which is the same length and width as the standard 40ft included but is taller and It has a capacity of about 66 cubic meters. It is worth noting that when shipping pallets, there may be no benefit in opting for a taller container.


LCL (Less than Container Load) – Shipping to Ireland from Abu Dhabi

As the name suggests, your product is shipped here in a shared container. It’s a more expensive method than FCL, but cheaper than air transport for less expensive and bulky products. The most important consideration when shipping products via LCL is to ensure that the container arrives in Ireland intact and that it isn’t opened or broken in a transit port. The less a shipment is handled during its journey, the less likely it’s to be damaged. Typical transit times for ocean freight from Abu Dhabi are around 15-30 days.


Shipping to Ireland from Abu Dhabi or moving abroad requires careful planning and preparation. However, with the help of an experienced shipping company, the process is much easier. Professional shipping businesses like Firstremovalists offer door-to-door delivery, free shipping estimates, and expert advice on customs regulations.


Lastly, with a large number of different shipping to Ireland from Abu Dhabi vendors transporting household goods and other items to Ireland from Abu Dhabi, it can sometimes be difficult to find a shipping company that will provide you with the quality you deserve. Firstremovalists team ensures the highest level of shipping efficiency to each customer shipping to Ireland from Abu Dhabi.



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