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Shipping To Italy From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Italy From Abu Dhabi Is Simple With The Help Of Experts.


Shipping To Italy From Abu DhabiShipping to Italy from Abu Dhabi is gaining more and more attention, as this active trade offers many opportunities for companies on the Arabian Peninsula. If you are looking to import to Italy from the United Arab Emirates, you have come to the right place.


We understand that international sea and air transport is complex. For this reason, we present important information here on this page that will help you with sea and air shipping to Italy from Abu Dhabi.


Italy is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in Europe. Famous as a formed boot, the Mediterranean nation has tons of rural charm and some of the world’s most elegant cities. With the Alps to the north, green Tuscan hills in the center, and white sand beaches to the south, Italy is stunning from top to bottom.


With more than 7000 km of coastline and a location in the middle of the Mediterranean, Italy has, of course, become a major player in the international shipping industry. There are seven main ports throughout the country. Shipping to Italy from Abu Dhabi depends on where you ship to.


Italy Customs

The customs process sounds complicated when Shipping to Italy from Abu Dhabi, but it is quite straightforward, and your shipping company will help you with that. You need to have a clear and specific inventory of everything you bring to Italy and declare each item’s value. If the Italian customs officials are not satisfied with your inventory, they will physically inspect your container and charge you additional fees.


People from EU countries like the United Arab Emirates do not have to pay duties or taxes on their household goods, but the rules for arrivals outside the EU are different. If you are coming from outside the EU, you are entitled to duty-free shipping of household goods, but you must meet certain conditions. Goods must be a) used, b) at least one year old, and c) imported no later than six months after arrival. Italian import duties range from 0 to 17%, while VAT on shipments is 21%.


What are your options for Shipping to Italy from Abu Dhabi?

There are two options for those who want to export to Italy from Abu Dhabi: sea freight and air freight. Both alternatives have different advantages and disadvantages.


Shipments to Italy from Abu Dhabi

Less than container load (LCL): If you don’t want to pay for a full container, LCL will save you money. It is often the most economical option to import smaller shipments to Italy from Abu Dhabi so that your cargo takes up space in a common container.


Full Container Loading (FCL): FCL is intended for shippers who need a full container capacity and convenience. After paying a flat fee to rent and transport each container, you have the exclusive right to use it. This option may be cheaper than LCL in terms of shipping costs per unit, depending on the shipment.


Air Shipping To Italy From Abu Dhabi

The fastest way to get your cargo to its destination in Italy is to ship it by air. However, you should carefully weigh your options, as air freight is often much more expensive than the ocean freight.


How Much Does It Cost To Ship To Italy From Abu Dhabi?

The final cost of Shipping to Italy from Abu Dhabi will depend on several factors. Most freight forwarders prepare offers based on the following considerations:

  • The chosen means of transport (air, FCL, LCL)
  • Type of merchandise
  • Cargo dimensions
  • Load weight
  • Type of service (such as door to door, port to port)
  • Distance between origin and destination

If you’re not sure whether air or ocean freight is right for you, be sure to request quotes for both options.


If you compare prices, you will probably find that the cost of transporting your cargo by air or sea does not differ much for cargo that weighs 100 kg or less. In this case, choose the fastest option. However, if you need to transport 100 kg or more, sea transport is usually cheaper than air.


How Long Does It Take To Ship To Italy From Abu Dhabi?

As you can imagine, transit times for air and ocean freight vary significantly. With air transport, your goods can reach Italy in just four days. However, you will have to wait approximately 27 days for your ocean cargo to arrive.


Should You Choose Sea Or Air Shipping To Italy From Abu Dhabi?


Sea Shipping

Ocean freight is a common method of moving large amounts of cargo. Most shipments are made by a special ship in a container to Italy from Abu Dhabi. Most cargo that does not fit in a container is considered general cargo. Your freight forwarder or freight forwarder can recommend options for this alternative.


Advantages Of Sea Shipping To Italy From Abu Dhabi;

  • The most economical option when shipping at 14 CBM or less
  • Easier pickup /delivery at the warehouse where the containers are loaded or unloaded!


Advantages Of Air Shipping To Italy From Abu Dhabi;

  • High security and low risk
  • Short transit times of a few days.
  • Air shipping is ideal for small shipments with only a few pallets.


Why Shipping To Italy From Abu Dhabi With Firstremovalists?

Sea and air shipping to Italy from Abu Dhabi are easier than ever with Firstremovalists. Now you can greatly simplify your supply chain by managing your entire shipping process through our online portal.


Our Online-First Digital Approach Offers You The Following Benefits:

  • Quick online booking
  • Transparent shipping documents
  • Quick and easy online offers to compare
  • Friendly customer service available 24 hours.
  • No customs complexity to bother you.
  • Full compliance with shipping regulations


Prohibited And Restricted Items In Italy

First removalists cannot send restricted, prohibited, and unapproved items on behalf of our customers!

  • All forms of asbestos fiber
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Animal skin
  • Animal products
  • Books: Hardcover/paperback without communication
  • Biological substance and more

You can also use the Firs tremovalists and the Italy Country Specific List to determine if your product is prohibited or restricted from shipping.


Lastly, with experienced shipping companies like First removalist, it is much easier to process shipping to Italy from Abu Dhabi. You can ship personal and household items, as well as cars, construction equipment, and more. However, there are different rules and regulations for everything, and they are easy to understand with our experts’ help.


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