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Shipping To Japan From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Japan From Abu Dhabi ; What To Know Before You Ship


Shipping To Japan From Abu DhabiShipping to japan from Abu Dhabi is not always an easy task for folks who crave import to the Far East. So if you plan to ship to Japan, I highly recommend that you read this short guide. I will walk you through the benefits of using different options of shipping and import process.


The trade between japan and UAE in recent years has increased greatly. Figures show that Japan exported approximately $ 7.9 billion worth of goods to the UAE, while the country imported approximately $ 27.5 billion of goods from the UAE in 2018.


The United Arab Emirates and Japan have close bilateral

economic ties dating back to 1961 when the first shipment of crude oil from the

United Arab Emirates was exported to Japan from the Umm al-Shaif offshore

field in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, Shipping to japan from Abu Dhabi is not an

impossible task for anyone interested in shipping to Japan.


Japan Customs Procedure

Any person wishing to import goods to Japan from Abu Dhabi must report

these goods to japan Customs and get a permit. Shipping to Japan from Abu Dhabi

begins with the filing of an import declaration and ends with the issuance of an import

permit after the necessary examination and payment of customs duties and excise duties.


In this way, measures are taken to ensure compliance with exchange control requirements

and other importing goods regulations. Currently, more than 90 percent of import processes

are computerized. All required steps and documents are available on the Japanese Customs

website, and your chosen shipment to Japan from Abu Dhabi Company will guide you

through more information on this (Japanese Customs).


Restricted Items When Shipping To Japan From Abu Dhabi

When shipping to Japan from Abu Dhabi, some items are restricted. All restricted

items must be stored in a way easily accessible to customs officials in the shipping

container. There are indeed restrictions on shipping rice, alcohol, videos,

and tobacco to Japan.


When shipping rice to Japan, there are restrictions on the quantities

you can ship. It is also best to describe the inventory, including the weight

of the rice in the container. For those planning to send videotapes to

Japan, please provide a detailed list.


You may have to pay customs duties and taxes on certain new appliances

and items while shipping to Japan from Abu Dhabi. You must

provide an invoice for these items.


ship some items to Japan duty-free as long as you ship them in

limited quantities. These items include alcoholic beverages, cigarettes,

cigars, pipe tobacco, and perfumes. Contact a professional freight forwarding agency

like First removalists for more information on the items you can send duty-free to Japan.


Items Not Allowed When Shipping To Japan From Abu Dhabi.

Some items are prohibited from shipping to Japan, including seeds and onions.

Many fresh fruits and vegetables are also not allowed to be shipped to Japan,

although pineapples and green bananas are allowed. You are not allowed to ship

wildlife products made from endangered animals. Other items that cannot be shipped to Japan are:

  • Fake money
  • Narcotics or drugs and include cold medicines that contain pseudoephedrine.
  • Pornographic material or politically sensitive articles, including books and photographs!
  • Firearms and other deadly weapons include, but are not limited to, daggers, swords, arrows, bows, spears, etc.
  • You may need a quarantine certificate if you are shipping root plants, furs, straw, meat, and stuffed animals.


Shipping Options To Japan From Abu Dhabi


There are two options: sea and air freight.

Sea Freight

Shipping by sea is the most common way of moving goods worldwide, and there is

the main reason for it: lower costs. Shipping is suitable for all types of products

but is taken for granted for heavy and spacious products. Sea freight is essential

if you want to export products that are included in any of the following segments:

  • Vehicles
  • Piece of furniture
  • Food and drinks
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Heavy accessories
  • Machinery


Shipping Using Air Freight

Air freight is the best choice for small volume shipments, such as test samples,

product samples, fragile products, products to be used in exhibitions, or when

time is critical, and there is no time for ocean freight.


Air shipping from Abu Dhabi, UAE to Japan, takes approximately one week

(7 days). It is a noticeably shorter delivery time than ocean shipping. In

round numbers, one-fifth of the time required for ocean freight.


Basic Tips For Efficient And Reliable Shipping To Japan Services:


  1. Check If The Shipping To Japan From Abu Dhabi Company Is Available At Your Recipient’s Location.


The first step is to quickly verify that your chosen shipping to japan from Abu Dhabi Company offers its services in the locations of your proposed recipient. It’s very important to make sure your package arrives immediately; it is always best to hire a transportation company with offices throughout the country.


That way, you can count on this shipping to japan from Abu Dhabi service whenever you need to send something there. You can get special discounts from companies if you employ their services regularly.

  1. Compare Prices.

Now that you have determined the availability of the business, you need to understand the fees involved. As a customer, you have the right to access this data in advance, ask and compare the prices of different shipping to japan from Abu Dhabi companies. Some companies always have hidden charges, so check if your chosen shipping service isn’t one of them.


This will help you determine which shipping companies are the best for your items. Remember, some recipients choose shippers based on how much they charge for shipping. Thus, you want to keep the costs down with all diligence.


Lastly, one consideration when shipping to Japan is to hire a reliable business like Firstremovalists. We give you the flexibility to meet your specific needs, as you can choose from several options that are best suited to your needs. Therefore, you should choose shipping to Japan from Abu Dhabi Company, formerly known for the quality of service, and we offer our clients the right rates.


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