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Shipping To Lebanon From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Lebanon From Abu Dhabi With Ease


Shipping To Lebanon From Abu DhabiShipping to Lebanon from Abu Dhabi providers know the importance and requirements of international shipping, so they strive to provide you with the best service at affordable prices. They pick items up from your door and drop them where you want them on time.


If you are interested in shipping to Lebanon from Abu Dhabi, there are several different country shipping ports. The largest seaport in Lebanon is in Beirut; another shipping port is in Tripoli, the port of Beirut is the main seaport in the country. It’s one of the largest regions and serves as a gateway to Jordan, Iraq, and other Gulf states.


These shipping companies consider all the problems associated with long-term international relocation and offer you multiple shipping options. Shipping to Lebanon from Abu Dhabi methods includes land, sea or air transportation.

Cargo companies can come to your place to pick up, pack, ship, clear customs,

and deliver your shipment to its ideal point in Lebanon.


Shipping to Lebanon from Abu Dhabi companies like First removalists is the

best thing you choose to have a seamless international shipping experience.

We take all the hassle out of the international ocean, air, and land

shipping process and ship your items to the following locations.

Beirut, Jounieh, Tripoli, Sidon, Bekaa, Zahle Tire, Baalbek and many areas of Lebanon


Our Services Include;

  • Door-to-door freight services
  • Car import and export services
  • Furniture packing and moving service
  • Land, sea and air transport of goods and machine of all types
  • All with Fast delivery


Customs Duties And Import Taxes When Shipping To Lebanon

More than 83% of imported items are subject to tariffs of 5% or less. The rights vary

according to the type of merchandise and its origin. Under the 2019 Budget Law, 3% of the

additional three-year customs duties apply to imported goods subject to VAT,

industrial equipment, excluding fuel, and raw materials used in manufacturing and agriculture.


If you ship cargo, including household items to Lebanon, some items may be

shipped duty-free. For example, you can ship used products that you own and

have been using for at least six months or more to Lebanon duty-free. If you want to

send new items to Lebanon, you will need to pay customs duties, estimated

to be around 35% of the freight’s estimated value.


Prohibited Items From Shipping To Lebanon

When shipping cargo to Lebanon, some items are prohibited from entering the country.

You cannot send the following cargo to Lebanon:

  • Alcohol, drugs or narcotics of any kind!
  • Firearms or related explosives
  • Pornographic material

You are also not allowed to ship items with trade names included on the Israeli boycott blacklist.


Household Goods Shipping To Lebanon From Abu Dhabi

Shipping to Lebanon from Abu Dhabi providers know the fantastic importance of your international

freight shipments to Lebanon from Abu Dhabi. These companies are extremely

diligent with their packing services, logistics specialists, and updating their team

regularly to offer the best home goods shipping to Lebanon from Abu Dhabi. This

diligence can make them an extremely effective shipping partner for you, your business, or your family.


For example, the First removalists team has handled almost every shipping need

you can think of, from complete moves to Lebanon from Abu Dhabi to shipping

and export requirements, and more. Our international shipping team offers various

freight forwarding and port shipping services to make shipping as easy as dropping

off your items or picking them up at your door. Not many

international carriers offer you this kind of convenience.


Shipping A Vehicle To Lebanon

Suppose you move to Lebanon or return to the country after a while; you may be

interested in the rules and regulations for shipping vehicles to Lebanon. When

shipping a vehicle or car to Lebanon, you will likely have to pay customs duties.

Customs duties for shipping vehicles to Lebanon range from 20% to 40%. An experienced

freight forwarding company can provide additional information

on car shipping and customs duties to Lebanon.


Remember, you cannot send a car that is more than 8 years old to Lebanon

from Abu Dhabi. Also, make sure you have an ownership license for your vehicle

and a purchase invoice. The car purchase invoice must be legalized by the

Chamber of Commerce and the Consulate of Lebanon.


Methods Of Shipping To Lebanon From Abu Dhabi:

Land Freight To Lebanon From Abu Dhabi:

First removalists offers its clients a fleet of trucks of various types and sizes that meet

land freight requirements to Lebanon from Abu Dhabi, whether chilled or dry

shipments, full or partial deliveries or even shipments with large weights and

sizes for projects and heavy machines and machinery.


We are experts in handling various cargo types, including public goods, consumer goods,

building materials, chemicals, electrical materials, and spare parts. We have worked

diligently to develop shipping methods that meet the needs of our customers.

Our company’s success and continued prosperity are highlighted, and this brings

to light the role of trust we place in our customers, and we always try to maintain it.


Air Freight To Lebanon From Abu Dhabi

Air travel is also valued because there are not many things that stand in the way.

Road construction, mountains and forests cannot stop air traffic.

Planes don’t have to worry too much about customs and getting cleared for Lebanon.

First removalists has experienced air freight managers to Beirut, Lebanon from Abu Dhabi:

Door-to-door shipping and delivery service!

Freight insurance according to customer requirements!

Shipment packing to ensure safe access and reduce shipping costs!


Sea Freight To Lebanon From Abu Dhabi:

Air transportation method is a recently introduced method for international shipping,

while ocean transportation is the main and popular method. Since air travel was

founded, it has promoted world trade while paving the way for higher import/export levels

for numerous countries. Still, experts are concerned about air travel’s

environmental sustainability, which has put this mode of transport into question.


The road transport method is also sensitive in terms of environmental sustainability.

Therefore, it’s suggested to reconsider the benefits of sea shipping,

which are likely to outweigh other shipping options. Some of the benefits are:

Cost efficiency

Environmental impact and more


Lastly, we make Shipping to Lebanon from Abu Dhabi easier for you; now you can ship or send anything to Lebanon at affordable prices! Thus, give us your car, home and office furniture to ship. We pack, ship and deliver it to your desired location in Lebanon, such as Beirut, Tripoli, Saida and other cities in this country.


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