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Shipping To Lebanon From Dubai

Shipping To Lebanon From Dubai Simplified

Shipping To Lebanon From DubaiShipping to Lebanon from Dubai companies have made shipping services a major logistical necessity, enabling fast and competitive delivery of goods and merchandise to many locations in Lebanon, be it full containers or small shipments.


A director-general, Al-Mutaiwee, expected that trade between Dubai and Lebanon would increase significantly in the coming years due to the cooperation between the Lebanese Chamber and the Economic Council and the other responsible parties. Shipping of containers to different ports in Lebanon goes smoothly due to good relations with both nations. Thus, you can send your products and container to Lebanon in FCL or LCL shipping at the best price.




Cargo To Lebanon From Dubai Company Handles Everything.

Shipping to Lebanon from Dubai Companies that offer you freight forwarding services handle almost all shipping aspects. The company handles everything from loading cargo to packaging, shipping, transportation and delivery. Shipping from to Lebanon Dubai is usually done when your products are too large to ship by post or courier.


In this case, the shipping services are very supportive and helpful. These companies have also expanded their range of services to ship your goods safely to Lebanon from Dubai. It would be best if you did some research before shipping your cargo. Therefore, before handing over your merchandise to a shipping company, make sure you know everything about the company and the services.


Cost doesn’t matter when shipping to Lebanon from Dubai provides quality service. If you are shipping brittle or maybe fragile items, such as silverware, antiques, or valuable items, find a freight company expert in shipping such items. Find the right type of services for your products and make sure they understand Lebanon’s customs and import tax requirements.


Lebanese Customs

Lebanon applies a harmonized tariff plan for the valuation of goods and the collection of tariffs. In 2019, the High Council of Customs proposed a reform strategy to improve operations. You can ship used or household products that you own and have been using for at least six months to Lebanon duty-free. When shipping new items to Lebanon, you will have to pay customs duties, estimated to be around 35% of the freight’s estimated value.


Lebanese passengers from Dubai can import up to 2,000,000 LBP in local or foreign currency. All imported gold coins must be declared on arrival, and the same amount can be exported later.


Prohibited Shipments To Lebanon From Dubai

  • Weapons, explosives and ammunition
  • Illegal drugs
  • Knives and deadly weapons
  • Counterfeit money and goods
  • Archaeological pieces – without permission
  • Pornographic material


Restricted For Shipments To Lebanon From Dubai

Note, travellers with an Israeli passport or passports with a visa for Israel cannot enter the country.

All pets imported into the country require a state-approved health certificate and an additional certificate indicating that they have been vaccinated against rabies.


Cargo Methods To Lebanon From Dubai

International freight shipping is in demand because it serves the industry with almost all of its shipping needs. All delivery tasks are carried out in one place, and industries do not have to search for suppliers to perform all tasks. Shipping methods from Dubai to Lebanon are air, sea and land transportation.


Your shipping needs will determine the shipping methods you will need. For example, if you are in a hurry and have a good budget to ship your items, air freight is your friend, but if you own large items and are not in a hurry, land and sea are the ways to go.


Air Freight To Lebanon :

Dubai to Lebanon Air Freight is an express shipping option to Beirut Airport for many shipments that offer a full service from dispatch of shipment to Lebanon. The availability of personnel with extensive experience and knowledge in managing the air cargo operation to Lebanon from Dubai is second to none.


The total flight time from Dubai, UAE, to Lebanon is 3 hours and some minutes. Although this method isn’t budget-friendly, you will surely get your goods or products across to Lebanon very quickly.


Sea Freight To Lebanon :

Shipping cargo abroad is not easy to handle, but not with professionals like First removalists. There are many risks and formalities associated with this: the first and foremost thing that comes with it is container clearance. Customs clearance takes enough time as a lot of documentation is required, and must pass multiple customs checks. You can skip the whole custom process using expert service.


Sea shipping to Lebanon from Dubai is especially helpful when shipping items that are very heavy or bulky. A ship can handle much more volume than any other type of transportation, and weight is not a big problem. If you have large purchases of products that you need to move Lebanon from Dubai, then using ocean freight is probably your best option.


LCL and FCL are the two options for ocean carriers

LCL. Ocean freight provides a reliable means of transportation for large volumes with options for different sizes of cargo.

FCL refers to shipments where all the goods in a container belonging to one party, while LCL packs the goods from several shippers together


Land Freight To Lebanon :

A land option is a good choice since there isn’t a fear of sea pirates’ confrontations with this method. Trucks are used for the international transport of goods; however, this is only a viable solution, if there are open and navigable land routes from both countries such and Dubai and Lebanon. A large fleet of trucks and trailers is constantly working to meet our customer needs.

Many companies that ship to Lebanon from Dubai are proficient in various transportation types, including public goods, consumer goods, refrigerators, building materials, groceries, chemicals, and electrical materials. Knowing which shipping option to use depends entirely on what you need to ship from Dubai to Lebanon.


Finally, First removalists offers tailor-made services that allow you to establish your requirements for your goods’ transport. They have qualified staff trained in their work and who make shipping to Lebanon from Dubai hassle-free; regardless of your items’ size, they’re ready to meet your needs.


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