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Shipping To Malaysia From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Malaysia From Abu Dhabi Service For Your Complete Shipping Project


Shipping To Malaysia From Abu DhabiShipping to Malaysia from Abu Dhabi is popular, as Malaysia appears to have enormous potential to attract capital from the Middle East, especially from the GCC countries. Malaysia is becoming the launchpad for a potential springboard for investment in the financial sector.


The Gulf region, on the other hand, offers Malaysia

opportunities for product and market diversification.

According to the World Bank in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has

more than 28 million people. The country’s capital is Kuala Lumpur, and the federal government

of Malaysia is located in Putrajaya. There are several shipping ports in Malaysia, including

Rajang Port, Labuan Port, Kota Kinabalu Port, and Sandakan Port.


Malaysian Customs

About 75% of Malaysia’s imports are not subject to tariffs. Malaysia’s

customs barriers are mainly applied ad valorem and range from 0 to

50%. The rate for bringing industrial goods into Malaysia on average is

6%, which is comparatively lower than other nations in the world. Import

duties are based on the price of the goods, insurance, freight, and other charges

associated with the purchase or transportation. It’s vital to know this while

shipping to Malaysia from Abu Dhabi.


Raw materials imported into Malaysia for processing and re-export benefit from reduced tariffs,

especially when these raw materials are difficult to obtain locally. Machines, basic food products,

pharmaceuticals, tourism products, and general-purpose products are generally

exempt or subject to reduced tariffs. However, you should check with

your shipping company to make sure of what to ship to Malaysia.


Shipping To Malaysia – Customs Duties, Restrictions And Taxes

When Shipping to Malaysia from Abu Dhabi, certain items are subject to

customs duties, taxes and special import permits. For example, all electrical

appliances shipped to Malaysia must have an import permit. If any of your

items are less than six months old, you will have to pay certain customs duties

and taxes. Make sure you have the original invoices with the value of your items.


When Shipping To Malaysia From Abu Dhabi, Some Items Are Restricted.

For instance, the following are restricted items:

Precious metal objects

Videotapes and films are subject to review by the Malaysian Film Censorship Board.

All plants you send to Malaysia require a phytosanitary certificate and a permit from the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture.

Cigarettes and Alcohol are indeed subject to high import duties.

You can ship a computer from Abu Dhabi to Malaysia duty-free, but you are limited to

a maximum of three imported computers per family. If you ship a

computer to Malaysia from Abu Dhabi duty-free for at least one year after

importation into the country, you cannot sell it. Note that an import license is also required for computers.

It would help if you had a special permit to send telephones and faxes to Malaysia.


Prohibited Items When Shipping To Malaysia From Abu Dhabi.


When shipping to Malaysia, there are certain items that you are not allowed

to import into the country. The following items cannot be shipped to Malaysia from Abu Dhabi:

  • Gold bullion
  • Food items
  • Short wave radios
  • Satellite dish
  • Vehicles older than 5 years
  • No literature on communism should be sent to Malaysia.
  • Pornographic or politically sensitive material (in the form of books, videos, movies)
  • Narcotics and drugs (offenses may be punishable by death)
  • Firearms, fireworks, dangerous weapons, ammunition, explosives, and knives


There Are 2 Options Available For Shipping To Malaysia From Abu Dhabi:

Air and sea freight


Air Freight: Shipping companies offer air freight services, which are considered

the fastest shipping method, regardless of whether the shipment is normal, dangerous,

or fragile and sensitive. These shipments generally require special handling and

packaging before being delivered to their destination.


Ocean Freight: Next comes shipping companies that offer ocean freight services

with LCL and FCL options to facilitate importing goods from Abu Dhabi to Malaysia,

and again, from door to door or port to port. Many shipping companies, such as

First removalists, have extensive experience

handling all types of shipments, regardless of what they are.


Before contracting services for shipping to Malaysia from Abu Dhabi companies,

you should review their proven track record of delivering critical shipments. Most

of these shipping companies have distributed their representatives all over the world.

Most of these companies will meet the requirements, but a thorough

review of services always recommended.


Why Should You Choose First removalists Shipping Services?

We strive to take care of our clients and provide them with professional services.

We have provided the best shipping and support solutions to connect Abu Dhabi

and the United Arab Emirates with Malaysia. Our services cover various Malaysia

destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sabah, Kedah, Malacca, etc., by sea and air Freight.


Our extensive facilities, warehouses, vehicle fleets and professional staff. As well as, our online shipping management system, have helped us implement

a sophisticated logistics service system to achieve our goal of being one of

the best logistics service providers through fast and reliable shipping services to Malaysia from Abu Dhabi.


We can handle all aspects of your shipment, from packing, storage and

unpacking. We also take care of the preparation of all the necessary documents

for shipment and customs clearance and a comprehensive agreement to secure shipments if requested.


Shipping Costs To Malaysia From Abu Dhabi .

The cost usually varies depending on the shipping method. When shipped via LCL,

costs calculated from cubic meters. For air freight shipping, costs are

based on actual weight or volume.


At First removalists, we strive to offer competitive shipping rates to Malaysia from Abu Dhabi to ensure customer satisfaction and trust, minimize costs and expenses, and maintain our business strategy of advising and recommending customers. Our goal is to provide our customers in Abu Dhabi and the UAE to Malaysia with a complete and advanced shipping system at competitive prices.


Lastly, shipping goods to Malaysia from Abu Dhabi has always been a practical solution for major Abu Dhabi companies in exporting and importing goods. The only major concern of these companies was the safe and timely delivery of their goods to the desired location. For this reason, the Firstremovalists team has been involved in this domain, offering unmatched and unprecedented shipping services.




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