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Shipping To Netherland From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Netherland From Abu Dhabi


Shipping To Netherland From Abu DhabiShipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi has never been so convenient, as the country has invited particularly highly skilled immigrants. Unemployment is relatively low, and there is a special program for highly skilled immigrants to avoid applications for work permits.


In economic terms, the Netherlands is one of the

most important countries in Europe and has close

commercial ties with Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

With the increase in diplomatic relations between the

two countries, this mutual business relationship grows more and more.

The country recently signed a bilateral investment protection treaty with the

UAE to strengthen ties by promoting economic development and investment.

The agreement will strengthen the economic and commercial ties

between the two countries and strengthen mutual trade.


Netherland Customs

There are certain customs regulations that you should be aware of when shipping to

Netherland from Abu Dhabi. In general, most household items sent for personal

use are exempt from tax. Otherwise, you will have to pay 21% VAT on all

household items that aren’t intended for personal use. The other basic

requirement for importing household and other items into the Netherlands are:


Place Of Residence Needs To Be Declared.

You must have lived outside the European Union for at least 12 months.

To qualify for the tax exemption, you must provide evidence that

you have owned and used the property for at least six months.

When you use the First removalists shipping services to

move from Abu Dhabi to the Netherlands, you don’t have to worry about all

these custom requirements and regulations, as the shipping experts are right by your side.


Each container is electronically scanned, and some are even physically recorded,

so officials know if their inventory does not match the contents. You can import

your household items duty-free as long as they are used and you intend to use them in the

Netherlands. The most important thing is that you don’t bring anything that is prohibited or restricted.


Prohibited Or Restricted Items That YOU Cannot Ship To Netherland:

  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Tobacco and alcohol products
  • Explosives
  • Counterfeit products
  • CB radios
  • Pornography and subversive material
  • Endangered animal


Motor Vehicle Regulations – Shipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi

Customers Shipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi and wanting to import a vehicle can do so if:

The client has a valid registration from the country of residence.

1-you, as a customer, do not live in the Netherlands, this vehicle can be used for a maximum of six months without tax.

2- the customer lives in the European Union (EU), they must file a tax return on private vehicles and motorcycles.

3- the customer lives outside the EU, a customs declaration and a BPM return must be submitted.


Shipping To Netherland From Abu Dhabi Options

When moving internationally, there are usually a few items that you should take with you. If you are shipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi, you have two options: air freight or sea freight. Here are the pros and cons:


Air freight brings your things to Amsterdam quickly (1-3 days), but it is expensive. If you are shipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi at the last minute, air freight may be your only option.


Sea freight takes a little longer, but it is much better value for money. We recommend

planning your shipping at least a couple of months in advance so you can use sea freight.

Depending on the amount of cargo you are shipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi,

use either a 20 foot or a 40-foot container. If you’re shipping only a small amount

of items, you may make use of a shared container with others (known as LCL (less than Container Load).


Many shipping companies like Firstremovalists offer a complete door to door

delivery service, which is even much easier compared to doing a port to port stuff.


Calculation And Determination Of Shipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi Costs:

The Journey Distance: First, the route to be covered usually determines your

shipping costs. Shipments to great distances will be charged differently than

shipments to short distances. Moving long distances means the carrier will

incur additional costs to ensure that products are delivered according to the instructions of the receiver.


This increases the costs of international shipping. Shipments directed to

shorter routes mean that the company does not spend a lot on them. Therefore, lower rates apply to them.


Shipping Weight:  The Shipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi weight

is also taken weight into account to determine the costs. Heavy-weight

shipments attract higher rates compared to light-weight freight. Heavy

shipments mean that few things are transported in a single trip, hence the higher rate.


Light shipments attract the lowest prices since many of them can be

transported in a single trip. Therefore, weight plays an important role

in determining Shipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi costs.


The Volume Of Goods: Another factor that plays a role in calculating

shipping costs is the volume of goods. Bulky goods attract higher shipping costs

because they limit the number of shipments that can be transported in one trip, as they take up much space.


On the other hand, less bulky goods attract lower transportation costs as more

shipments can be transported in one trip. Volume is generally measured in cubic feet or cubic meters, depending on the size of the shipment.


Shipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi

There is no doubt that the Netherland is great opportunities for exporters or

shippers in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The barriers to entry are low and transparent legal

framework, the current system of financial services and excellent transport goods

make the market an attractive destination for businesses in the UAE. Due to the

good relations between these countries, the Netherlands is an easy country and inexpensive to conduct market research for Abu Dhabi shippers.


Finally, shipping to Netherland from Abu Dhabi companies like First removalists

offer a special service package for high-value products that are served exclusively

during shipment! However, it would be helpful if you are familiar with the minimum

charge costs. For example, the air charge is typically 10 to 20 kg, while ocean freight

is 0.5 to 1.5 tons. By keeping these important tips in mind, you can

reduce your Shipping to Netherland costs significantly.


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