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Shipping To New Zealand From Dubai

Shipping To New Zealand From Dubai

Shipping To New Zealand From DubaiShipping To New Zealand From Dubai Using Experienced And Professionals

Cargo to New Zealand from Dubai needs experienced professional shipping agencies such as First removalists that can help make your shipping to New Zealand straightforward.


The country is home to a few shipping ports if you are shipping to New Zealand from Dubai. The biggest shipping port in New Zealand is the Port of Auckland. Some other shipping ports include the Port Chalmers, Port of Westport, Port of Napier, Port of Napier, and Marsden Port.


Shipping to New Zealand from Dubai is the same as with most international shipments. It would help if you planned to keep a detailed inventory of the items you ship to New Zealand from Dubai. Make sure you list all the items in every box and document box that you packed as owner-packed (pop).


Shipping To New Zealand From Dubai: Duty-Free Regulations

If you ship used household items to New Zealand, including household appliances and furniture,

you can ship them duty-free. Here are some of the

requirements for duty-free shipping to New Zealand from Dubai:

Must have lived outside New Zealand for at least 21 months before returning!

You must have previously used the products you’re shipping to New Zealand from Abu Dhabi

as new items are not eligible for duty-free shipping.

Must be permanent resident or a New Zealand resident!


Products that you ship to New Zealand may only be used for personal use.

You can ship household items owned by the deceased as long as you

have a copy of the death certificate, and it’s available to customs officials.


If fumigation of your cargo to New Zealand is required,

you will have to pay the fees for this service. Shipments may also need to

be quarantined. This is determined during the approval process, and you’re expected to cover the expenses, if any.


Duty Fees When export To New Zealand From Dubai

You may have to pay customs duties on the items you’re shipping to New Zealand from Dubai. For example, you have to pay fees for all the new items that you ship.


If you ship alcoholic beverages and tobacco products as part of typical household items, they can be imported tax-free. This is as long as you immigrated to New Zealand for the first time or live in New Zealand and return to the country longer after at least 21 months of absence.


International Moving To New Zealand From Dubai Restricted Items

When shipping to New Zealand from Dubai, some items may be heavily restricted or perhaps regulated. For example, radio transmission devices may not conform to the New Zealand radio frequency service, depending on the type.


There are also exceptional rules for shipping firearms and ammunition to New Zealand. Firearms and ammunition are strictly controlled in New Zealand. Police approval is required to send these items. Please note that firearms and ammunition that are shipped to New Zealand must be packed separately.


While Shipping to New Zealand from Dubai, you should include these items (firearms and ammunition) individually in the shipping inventory and package them in front of the shipping container so that customs officials can easily access them.


Shipping firearms or small pistols to New Zealand is only permitted if you register them with a gun club. Semi-automatic military weapons cannot enter New Zealand.


Shipping Food Items To New Zealand from Dubai

If you are interested in shipping food and agricultural products to New Zealand, please note that some strict regulations apply while shipping to New Zealand from Dubai. For this reason, agrarian inspections in New Zealand can take a few days. If fumigation is required, this can take seven days or more.


The Following Items Are Prohibited:

  • Honey or beekeeping equipment!
  • Pornographic material can be confiscated!
  • Meat, spice, milk, and egg products in cans or dried!
  • Baton, sword sticks, and knuckles!

In general, shipping medication to New Zealand is only allowed when medication is required.

If you need to ship prescription drugs to New Zealand, they must be accompanied by a prescription and shipped in the original container.


Shipping A Car To New Zealand from Dubai

If you want to ship a car, motorcycle, or other vehicles to New Zealand, please makes sure that you are available for customs clearance when shipping to New Zealand from Dubai. Or better still shipping professionals like Firstremovalists can guide about it.


Anyone who is a permanent New Zealand resident for the first time can import a vehicle that is exempt from import license fees and does not include VAT as long as the he/she car owned it for a year before shipping to New Zealand from Dubai. You can not sell it within two years once you import to New Zealand. It’s intended for personal use only and may not be sold, given away or otherwise disposed of.


All cars or vehicles shipped to New Zealand must meet the New Zealand Department of Transportation’s standard regulations. Import restrictions apply to left-hand drive vehicles. Before shipping, you must obtain written approval for import from the New Zealand Department of Transportation.


you must steam clean Every vehicle you ship to New Zealand and immaculate before shipping to New Zealand from Dubai. You must present a certificate that documents this on arrival.


Other Information You Need To Ship Cars To New Zealand Are:

  • Passport
  • Enter the model, brand, year, and current value.
  • Valid drivers’ license
  • Steam cleaning certificate
  • Original sales invoice
  • Vehicle registration
  • Information about car insurance
  • Vehicle registration book, repair accounts or service book


The Two Main Mode Of Shipping to New Zealand from Dubai Are:

  1. Shipping by Air
  2. Cargo by Sea


Shipping By Air Or Airfreight

Air shipping is faster, safer, and more reliable than Shipping by Sea. And again have stricter regulations for shipping dangerous materials. Check below and discuss it with your shipping experts, such as First removalists.

  • Shipping by air- Duration 4-7 days
  • recommended for a few documents or boxes.


Shipping By Sea Or Ocean Freight:: LCL And FCL

First Removalists divided Sea and ocean freight  into two

further options: (FCL) full container load and the (L.C. L) less than container load.

With less than container load, we arrange a lot of consignments in one container.

The LCL type means more tasks for the shipping team; we might require Additional

formalities, as well as the physical work of packing several loads in one

container before the main transit.

  • Shipping by sea duration is between 25-35 days with FCL!
  • Shipping by sea duration is between 55-65 days for a shared container (LCL), below a full container load.
  • recommended for large items.

Lastly, while moving a house and some other items to a new country can be stressful,

knowing what to bring and what not can make shipping easier. Creating a detailed

packing list and packing similar items together make customs clearance easier.

An international shipping company like Firstremovalists can help you get the

right documents to make shipping to New Zealand from Dubai a lot easier.

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