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shipping to qatar from abu dhabi

Things To Know Before Shipping From Abu Dhabi To Qatar


shipping to qatar from abu dhabiShipping from Abu Dhabi to Qatar can be secure if you find a professional Shipper. Are you considering moving to this new millennium economic landscape? You should also ship your things.


The Qatar nation has a robust economy, and lots of people are right now considering moving there to get new jobs. There might be household items or maybe products that you cannot find in this new country. If you’re using international shipping to Qatar from Abu Dhabi Company, this can be a straightforward process. Qatar has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world and some of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves.


Understand Things Before You Ship From Abu Dhabi To Qatar

Many people move to Qatar to work in a healthy economy. Indeed, Qatar has more immigrants than locals in the country. Qatar is a small Islamic country in the Middle East. Although Qatar is one of the most liberal states in the Middle East, Sharia law, or Islamic law, it still applies to family law, inheritance, and certain criminal activities. Women can drive and do not have to dress in traditional Islamic clothing, but folks here dress conservatively.


When you are in Qatar, it’s essential to respect local customs and Islamic religion, especially during Ramadan. It’s indeed illegal to eat or drink in public during Ramadan. It’s as well unlawful to drink alcohol or drink in public. However, ex-pats can obtain alcohol permits and drink at home or in some licensed bars and hotels.


Religions other than Islam can be practiced in Qatar. While you may import religious material from a religion other than Islam for your personal use, you may not import religious content for proselytization. So these and some others you must understand before embarking on shipping to Qatar from Abu Dhabi.


Items That Cannot Be Shipped From Abu Dhabi To Qatar

When shipping cargo to Qatar, it’s vital to know some of the country’s import regulations. For example, certain items are not allowed in this country, as we said earlier. It’s illegal to import narcotics, weapons, alcoholic beverages, and pork products into Qatar. All printed materials, including books, videos, pictures, and CDs, are subject to censorship.


Indecent or pornographic material is censored or removed. If you are shipping to Qatar from Abu Dhabi, you cannot import ivory items. The import of radio transmitters or communication devices also not permitted.


All DVDs must include a list of titles while shipping to Qatar from Abu Dhabi, a summary of each DVD, a list of actors, and times of performance. Pack all of these items in the same shipping box or together so that customs officials can quickly inspect them.


When sending or shipping new furniture to Qatar, you need a certificate of origin or an invoice. It’s also important to note that a separate authorization procedure required for computer devices while shipping to Qatar from Abu Dhabi.

First Removalists : Best Shipping Company In Abu Dhabi

Upon arrival in Qatar, you will need to provide a certificate of behavior or a criminal background check for employment abroad. You must also bring your diploma or certificate of your highest degree achieved. Also, you need to bring your medical records and a copy of your blood type certificate.


If you are moving to Qatar, you can ship your car to Qatar from your home country. No duties are levied on imported vehicles for personal use.


It’s again important to note that the vehicle owner must live in Qatar before registering the vehicle. Qatar drives right-hand drive. So if you ship from the UAE, your vehicle will be misdirected as we drive into the UAE’s left-hand drive. Imported cars must be at least three years old. Before sending your vehicle to Qatar, ask a mechanic to make sure your vehicle can withstand the high summer temperatures.

You also need to collect the following documents.

  • Original Import Manifest
  • Proof of ownership at the origin
  • Insurance Policy
  • Registration Certificate
  • Invoice


While shipping to Qatar from Abu Dhabi, you can bring your pet into the country, and all pets must have an import permit from the Department of Agriculture. You must provide a copy of your pet’s rabies vaccination record along with a health certificate provided by your veterinarian. The vaccine must not be older than 12 months and must be older than one month (30 days). Your veterinarian must sign that your pet is in good health no later than ten days before you plan to import your pet into Qatar.


You cannot import a pet into Qatar that you has not been vaccinate against rabies.

Therefore, you cannot import a pet that is too young to vaccinate and is usually
less than four months old. If you bring an animal to Qatar

without proper documentation, it will be quarantined at your expense.


Moving to a new country is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. Work with an international cargo shipping company Abu Dhabi to ensure you have the correct documentation and are not shipping anything against Qatar’s import regulations.


Qatar has not only the name of the wealthiest country in the world by Forbes but has also hosted several summits of the World Trade Organization. To ensure smooth shipping to Qatar, you must carefully organize your shipping items.


Container For Shipping From Abu Dhabi To Qatar

For those who are unsure of the size of the shipping container to use,

here is an indicator: a 40-foot container can hold the contents of a 4 or 5 bedroom house or a
three-bedroom house plus a vehicle. Alternatively, a 20-foot container

you could use to hold the contents of a three-bedroom house.


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