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Shipping To Singapore From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Singapore From Abu Dhabi Via Air Or Sea Freight


Shipping To Singapore From Abu DhabiShipping to Singapore from Abu Dhabi is now easier for those interested in shipping to Singapore as the Singapore port is a major shipping hub. The Port is conveniently connected to more than 600 shipping ports in more than 120 countries. Every day these Abu Dhabi shipping companies ship hundreds of shipments with reliable delivery service and at the best price.


The UAE was impressed by Singapore’s capabilities as a global trading power, which was more or less imposed in the 1960s when the island nation was excluded from the Federation of Malaysia and prevailed in a competitive world. When Abu Dhabi established its future growth strategy, Singapore became one of its obvious targets.


Abu Dhabi Shipping Businesses like First removalists can ship your items to many Singapore areas like Bishan, Bukit Merah, Bukit Timah, Downtown Core, etc.


Singapore Customs ( shipping to Singapore from Abu Dhabi )

It isn’t easy to arrange international shipping, especially if it is the first time. For this reason, many people turn to shipping to Singapore from Abu Dhabi companies to ship their cargo. Unlike national deliveries, this type of shipment is more complicated since each country has its regulations.


Some countries have stricter regulations than others and completely prohibit the importation of certain products. For example, in Singapore, there is a list of prohibited import items and specific tax regulations. Thus, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the regulations or to use professional shipping to Singapore from Abu Dhabi services like First removalists to meet all your shipping needs to Singapore.


All goods imported into Singapore are subject to the Customs Act, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act and the Import and Export Regulation Act. Imported goods are subject to VAT and customs duties. A customs permit is required to import and pay taxes on the goods.


Duty-Subject Goods That Are Subject To Both VAT And Customs Duties Are:

  • Tobacco products
  • Intoxicating liquors
  • Petroleum products
  • Motor vehicles


Specific duty rates may apply to duty-bound goods. All other products aren’t taxable and are only subject to VAT. GST is charged at 7% of the CIF value (cost, insurance and freight), including duties (if a duty subject) and other fees, costs and expenses associated with the sale and delivery of the goods to Singapore are connected, regardless of whether or not they are shown on the invoice.


Crimes And Errors

Importers can be sanctioned if they do not comply with the Customs Law requirements, the Import and Export Ordinance and its subsidiary legal provisions. It would be nice to check with the Abu Dhabi to Singapore shipping company you hire for more information on Singapore customs.


Items You Cannot shipping to Singapore from Abu Dhabi .

Some items are prohibited from entering Singapore, and shippers cannot ship them. For a complete list, you may need to see the Singapore customs page for more on that, and you can find out which items Abu Dhabi has excluded from export to Singapore from Abu Dhabi shipping companies. However, these are some of the items that are prohibited in SG:

  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Narcotics
  • Weapons
  • Chewing gum (except dental and medicinal chewing gum)
  • Iran Products
  • Firecrackers
  • Bullion
  • Animals

Again, professional shipping to Singapore from Abu Dhabi companies like Firstremovalists you choose will help you with that. They will tell you everything required to ship to this country (SG). Firstremovalists ensure you the best service and good price.


All you have to worry about is inform them about your shipments. With the Firstremovalists practical shipping instructions, you will have simplified packaging and a straightforward shipping experience.



How Do I shipping to Singapore from Abu Dhabi ? (Shipping Methods)

There are two ways to ship your goods. Shipping by air or sea is often the best option for shipping to other countries.


Air Freight – Traditional air freight is a way of quickly moving goods worldwide by loading them onto a plane and taking them to Singapore.

Ocean Freight – Ocean freight is typically the cheapest global shipping method, but it takes the longest time. Ocean freight is what we specialize in, although we help with air freight too!


What Method Should I Use?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best shipping to Singapore from your products’ Abu Dhabi method. They are mainly:

  • Service
  • How quickly do you need your goods?
  • Price
  • Size of goods


Service (how easy the process should be) – Sea and air freight can be straightforward, but you need to make sure that the company that handles your shipment (for example, First removalists) knows what is needed to clear your shipment through customs and delivered quickly and efficiently.


How Fast You Need Your Products – A big difference between these international shipping services is the shipping times. Sea shipping can take weeks, while Air shipping services can take up to 3 days.


Price: Many people are just looking for the cheapest way to ship abroad. If you can be flexible with things like delivery times, you can save a lot of money, as air freight can cost four times more than ocean freight for a fairly large shipment.


Size of goods: in all types of foreign shipping, the size largely determines the price. Packages of more than a certain size make air transport considerably more expensive, while packages of less than a certain size (around 100 kg and 0.5 cubic meters) make paying for sea freight absurd!


Sea Freight Vs. Air Freight

If you are importing a large number of small, high-quality products, such as luxury tablets or watches, it is generally worth using an air transport service. Sea Freight offers big savings, but it’s generally worth it for larger shipments. Although shipping is still cheaper in this example, Sea Freight is generally cheaper for larger shipments.


Lastly, at First removalists, we have simplified the shipping to Singapore from Abu Dhabi process, so you no longer have to waste valuable time listening to many with prices. Our online platform gives you an instant route-based quote and allows you to book your shipment locally without having to worry about prices as you can compare from different companies if you so wish.


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