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Shipping To Spain From Abu Dhabi

Shipping To Spain From Abu Dhabi Never This Easy

Shipping To Spain From Abu DhabiShipping to Spain from Abu Dhabi is equivalent to sending goods or documents to the European Union. The Kingdom of Spain is a member of several other economic organizations, including the World Customs Organization, the World Trade Organization, the Montreal Protocol, and many more. Therefore, it is fine to deal with foreign trade, but there are special restrictions.


There are three main seaports in Spain: Barcelona (in the northeast), Valencia (on the east coast), and Algeciras (on the south coast). You may not have heard of it, but Algeciras is the busiest and most important port in Spain. It acts as a corridor between Europe, America, and Africa, and, therefore, Shipping to Spain from Abu Dhabi is something very special.


Spain Import Prohibitions

Some things cannot be Shipping To Spain From Abu Dhabi, and you should take note of them as described below.

  • All forms of asbestos fiber
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Animal skin
  • Biological substance
  • Medications, which do not require a prescription
  • Chemicals, dangerous and non-dangerous
  • Narcotics and illegal drugs
  • Food
  • Jewelry, costume
  • Ivory
  • Plants
  • And more

The list is not exhausted; you want to check with your shipment to Spain from Dubai Company what is allowed in Spain before shipping to the country.


Spanish Customs Clearance

Every item delivered to the Spanish country is marked with a C.I.F.

Costs Once you have gone through the normal approval procedure

and the simplified registration procedure, the duties, and taxes are

determined accordingly. If the package passes from consumer to

consumer, the taxes will be between 22 and 45 euros, regardless of the item’s value.


It does not include tobacco, drugs, and other drugs or alcohol and

other alcoholic beverages. Customs is not as scary and complicated as

it sounds, and your shipping to Spain from Abu Dhabi provider will help you with that (customs clearance).


Shipping To Spain From Abu Dhabi Transport Options

It’s easy to take your things to Spain. Once you have decided what to bring, you must choose between air or sea transport.


For people shipping in a rush, air freight is best. Most cargo planes

can fly to Spain from anywhere in the United Arab Emirates In just

two days. However, air travel is also very expensive, so it’s best

avoided if you are on a budget.


On the other hand, ocean freight is significantly cheaper and typically

costs about five times less than air freight. The service is much slower,

but also much less expensive. Therefore, you must plan your shipping well in advance.


If you choose ocean freight, vendors ship your things in a 20-foot or

40-foot container. For smaller amounts of cargo, there is a process

called Less Than Container Load (L.C.L.), in which several people

share the use of a container. Most providers like First removalists

offer a door-to-door service, which means they take care of every part of the process, from your old home to your new one in Spain.


How Much Does It Cost To Shipping To Spain From Abu Dhabi ?

Like most credible shipping and logistics companies, they process

all types of merchandise and offer a wide variety of services to

choose from. For the cargo you want to take to any of the Spanish

ports, whether by air or by sea, you can benefit from any credible

company’s most reasonable rates. You have some leeway in

estimating the total cost of shipping the freight.


You are allowed to use container or cargo dimensions,

time zones relevant to you, currency converter, unit converter,

and much more. With all these characteristics of this shipping to

Spain from Abu Dhabi companies, you can establish Spain’s correct shipping costs.


Since the shipping industry is very sensitive, you will find some tough competition mainly due to the amount of cargo. Although most established shipping to Spain from Abu Dhabi companies’ services are of the highest quality, you still can compare the prices of different companies. This helps you make the right decision.


Finding the cheapest way to ship your belongings or merchandise will take time. Shipping costs to Spain depend on many factors. As with anything that costs money, carry out your research, and be sure to check the reliability of the company’s reputation, verify that the destination of your cargo is along the busy shipping route. This way you can send your goods affordably and safely.


Tips For Good Shipping To Spain From Abu Dhabi Companies

Tip 1: Is the transport company professional? This is the first advice and question to ask yourself before hiring shipping to Spain from Abu Dhabi Company to transfer your goods. If the company is a professional type, they will understand your needs from the inside out. An experienced company will also provide you with the best freight and cargo shipping services.


Tip 2: What kind of container shipping do they offer? – There are several shipping to Spain from Abu Dhabi companies who provide various international shipping container services. You should check with the company. Dry cargo containers and refrigerated containers are available in size variations from 20 to 45 feet.


Open containers are best for products that are not affected by environmental measures. These containers are only available in 20 foot and 40-foot sizes. The tank containers are 20 feet long and are intended solely to transport oil, gasoline, or milk.


Tip 3: Are Container Shipping Services Affordable? – Affordability is also an important selection rule that customers should seriously consider when looking for shipping to Spain from Abu Dhabi providers. Make sure the company does not charge any hidden costs.


Look for discounted container services as it saves you money and gives you many options. You don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on freight and cargo forwarding when you can easily access cheap and affordable shipping to Spain from Abu Dhabi by comparing offers.


Lastly, there is a lot to consider when planning your shipping to Spain from Abu Dhabi. A professional shipping company like Firstremovalists will help you with the specific rules and regulations in Spain. We will help you make your shipping experience to Spain a positive one. You can get a free and fast shipping quote from us today.


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