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Storage Facility In Abu Dhabi

Self Storage Facility In Abu Dhabi


If you are looking for a storage facility In Abu Dhabi to store your

belongings while you are moving, First Removalists is the company to call.

We are one of the leading operators in this industry

and focus on providing clients the best and most secure storage solutions.

We are aware that homeowners, as well as commercial property owners,

sometimes need a self storage facility in Abu Dhabi while

they are moving from one location to the other.

At times they need to store personal items while at others they

may want to store vehicles.

the number of furniture pieces would determine the size of the

unit you require. So, We offer a wide variety of unit sizes that you

can choose from. If you are not very sure about the type of

space you need in the self storage facility in Abu Dhabi,

all you have to do is call us.



Cost-effective Storage Facility In Abu Dhabi Solutions


Our customer service team is here to help you with all

of the information you require. Additionally, They will discuss your

requirements with you to get a better understanding of

your expectations and needs. If you have a large-scale

requirement, it might be necessary for our team to visit your site.

They will take a look at the number of items and the overall size of the

shipment that needs to be transported and relocated to the storage facility in Abu Dhabi.

but you will always find that we maintain cost-effective pricing.

Our storage facility in Abu Dhabi is very secure. As a result, You never

have to worry about the safety of your belongings while they are

stored in our storage units. So, Since we are primarily a moving company,

we know what it takes to provide our clients with the best packing

and moving solutions. Finally, If you need the storage unit while you

are moving from one house to the other,

our team will make sure that the work is completed efficiently.

They will pack all of your items and belongings and make sure

that to transport them safely to the storage facility in Abu Dhabi.

we control All of these units safely and securely that you can rent

for the short or long term depending on your specific needs. Some

of our clients also rent these units as long term storage for their

inventory, office equipment, or vehicles.



Storage Facility for Different Needs


Many of these units are also climate-controlled. So, It means you

never have to worry about deterioration or wear and tear of your

items. Hence,  If you are unsure about how many units you require for storage,

we are here to assist you with this decision. We provide start-to-end

moving and storage solutions; you only have to deal with one operator

for all of these needs. Whether you want to clear the clutter from your

property or are waiting for your new home to get ready, we can provide the storage facility you need.


We also cater to several expat clients that need to store their personal

belongings in long term storage units. We are proud of the fact that we

have a large number of returning clients. It is an indication of the trust

that they have in us and the services that we provide.

We are also very clear in our business dealings and provide upfront

quotes to our clients. Regardless of the type of solution you require, we

are here to help you with all your storage facility in Abu Dhabi requirements.

Hence, We are happy to work with our clients to understand their needs and provide

solutions that fit into the budget. Our commitment to quality and safe

storage solutions are some of the aspects that set us apart

from any other companies in this industry.


Self-Storage In Abu Dhabi: Choose The Best Ones For The Safety Of Your Goods


Self-storage Abu Dhabi services have evolved into specialized

storage units. There are storage companies in Abu Dhabi who

can handle your entire storage, packing, moving, and even unpacking process for you.



What Is Self-Storage, And What Does It Entail?


Self Storage Service users are businesses or individuals who

need a small warehouse, storage room, or secure room for their

exclusive use. So, People who want their goods to be managed with

complete freedom and a period that can be very short or even for

an extended period. The rented module is intended for private

use and integrated with many other modules in a larger facility.


Self Storage Abu Dhabi centers are characterized by facilities specially

tailored to meet customer’s needs and are user-friendly: flexible in

time and space and a high-security level. As a result, The centers are usually

located on main roads near densely populated areas, industrial estates, or commercial zones.


Self-Storage Service: An Alternative To Renting Expensive Warehouses


For private customers, self-storage is a safe way to free up

storage space in the house or solve a specific storage problem

such as a renovation or a move. For businesses, self-storage

offers an alternative to owning or renting expensive warehouses

with long-term contracts and excellent access.


The self-storage service is also ideal for entrepreneurs starting

their activities. It is much cheaper than renting a room or a

house that requires additional security and monitoring costs.


A feature of a storage center is the high level of security

measures. Operators rely on various systems to ensure

that only customers have access to their belongings: PIN

codes, access controls, fingerprints, magnetic cards, CCTV, remote surveillance, etc.



Who Uses Storage Facility In Abu Dhabi Services?


First, the best storage unit service should provide a clean,

secure, flexible, and affordable storage solution. Now let

quickly point out who uses the short-term and long-term

storage service in Abu Dhabi.



 1. When you move to a new place


You can rent these storage services when you move to a

new location in Abu Dhabi. Moving or relocating affects

many people who do not have a home of their own and

rent one. They may even have to stay in a motel while they

move until they find a suitable location. In such cases, they

can put their furniture and other household items in a storage facility.


Even if you rent a new place, it may need renovation or repair. In these

cases, it is advisable to leave most of your belongings in self-storage units

until the new home is ready. Sometimes you change your mind about

the new place after failing to meet your expectations or requirements.


It is a waste of time and money to return all of your belongings to

your old location. As a result, Leaving your belongings in these facilities allows

you to move around freely if, for some reason, you don’t like your new home.



2. Landlords


If perhaps you’re one of those homeowners who rent out

their property to other people, these convenient and straightforward

24-hour storage space services can come in handy. So, Most homeowners

have additional furniture and other furnishings in their homes. such

a case, the tenant could ask the landlord to dispose of the extra furniture.

As a result, Now the landlord only has to phone the storage space service Abu

Dhabi, and his place is ready for rent again in one to two days.



3. Regular residents


You can use these services even when you are not moving or

renting. Sometimes exceptional circumstances may arise where

you may need to do some renovation work. It could even be

painting or similar tasks. You can rent these services for

short-term storage until the renovations are complete.



4. Local business owner


Self-storage services are particularly useful for wholesalers or

other businesses that need storage space to store goods in

bulk. And again, these Self-storage facilities have air-conditioned,

secure storage facilities. It helps companies save a lot of money.



5. Students from other cities


If you are a student from another city to Abu Dhabi, you

can use these services before you go on vacation. If you

need to move from place to place, these Abu Dhabi self-storage

services can come in handy.



Storage Duration And Contracts


Your storage time duration depends on

you and the agreement with the FIRST REMOVALISTS.

Some customers have signed contracts for up to two years; So,

these contracts (the long term, and the short-term self-storage) are flexible.

Additionally, Providers in Abu Dhabi understand their customers’ needs,

and these needs can change slightly depending on the customer’s situation.


The contract contains important information such as price, payment terms,

declaration of goods, cancellation fees, liability for loss or damage, possible insurance,

storage facility opening times, and rules and regulations. So, You may need to rent for 30 days to

have a locker enabled deal, a legal minimum, and make monthly payments based on the space required.


The customer can keep the locker as long as he needs it. First removalists has

storage facilities to have keys or locks. So, Our service is available around the clock

so that the customer can access his belongings. It should be noted that the

self-storage model is widespread in the UAE region, particularly Abu Dhabi.



Self Storage Service: A Means To Reduce Costs


The cost of personal storage space is lower than that of office or commercial space, saving users money.

On average, self-storage space is about 60% less than most office costs per square foot.

Self-storage Abu Dhabi users can often find facilities near them.


Customers or users receive additional service value as self-storage managers are trained

to advise consumers on storing items more efficiently in less space, thereby reducing costs.

Besides, it gives businesses the ability to cut costs in the event they need to downsize.


Finally, First removalists offers superior storage solutions and value for all industry facets,

so your experience is straightforward and convenient! We have a range of options, plus vehicle storage.

Before putting your valuables anywhere, make sure you are getting the most out of your money.

Not all facilities are created equal, and we know you will appreciate the

difference we make in terms of value, comfort, safety, and service.



Car Storage In Abu Dhabi; An Ideal Solution To Protect Your Car


Car storage in Abu Dhabi is the way to go as people buy cars every day.

And again, storage problems arise because these vehicles are not

used daily and must be stored properly. Each car is treated individually as each customer;

the Car storage staff runs a general cleaning, fluid check, trickle charging, warm-up,

and maintenance cycle to ensure each car is fully functional when requested by the customer.


Car storage in Abu Dhabi is flexible enough and offers contracts every month.

They don’t tie you down to long-term deals because of their earnings or taken

their profits into account. Instead, they prefer your needs by the hour, which

will help you plan your budget. Traveling executives and anyone can also use the facilities.


The car storage in Abu Dhabi is mostly in a good location with suitable storage units

to store cars. So, These storages are air-conditioned and monitored

with computerized access devices such as video cameras, electronic gates, etc.



Qualities Of Good Car Storage In Abu Dhabi


It’s a good idea to look for the following characteristics in the car storage in Abu Dhabi.


Safety at its finest: State-of-the-art security is the first feature in one thing to looks for in-car storage.

Security is crucial as you have a treasured item, you cannot afford to lose a

vehicle to burglary or theft, and what good is keeping your car in storage if it

doesn’t offer you the highest level of security? In addition to cameras and alarm

systems, it is also vital that lights and security personnel are assigned

to the property in the storage’s vicinity.


Proximity and good customer service: Proximity to the city’s heart

and good customer service are two other qualities that are important for car storage in Abu Dhabi.

Even if adequate security measures have been taken in the facility,

you want to be sure that authorities can react quickly and easily if something happens to your vehicle.

For good customer service, the Car storage in Abu Dhabi staff must be

trustworthy enough to resolve any issues you may have regarding service.



First Removalists: Best Storage Facility In Abu Dhabi


Value for money – The last and most important attribute to look for in the car is value for money.

Most people don’t mind paying a little more each month to ensure their valuables are in good hands. As a result,

Value for money doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest price in town, either.

It means that you are getting the right service for your money. Therefore, before

signing the service contract, make sure you receive the type of service you had in mind.



Car Storage In Abu Dhabi Options


It’s important to note that there are different storage levels for cars,

and each level has a different price tag. Here are things you want

to understand about storing your car:


Outdoor Storage: If you have an extra car in the driveway that you don’t drive as often,

and you want to free up some driveway space, an outdoor storage area is for you.

An Outdoor Storage area is what it sounds like. It’s usually nothing more than a

parking lot, and often there is even a parking block showing you

exactly where you are going to park your car.


The advantages of Outdoor Storage here are very affordable costs. Of course,

the downsides are that the car is exposed to everyday elements like wind, sun, rain, etc.

So, If you choose to go this route, consider purchasing a car cover to protect your vehicle better.



First Removalists The Name To Trust


Indoor storage, no air-conditioning – An Inside storage that is not air-conditioned is usually a room that the car is driven into.

Then there is usually a garage door that closes and provides garage style storage for the car.

YOU CAN LOCK Your storage, in oreder to protect you car from wind, rain, and sun, as well as theft.

The only downside to this type of storage is that it can get hot in a unit without air conditioning.

Since this type of car storage completely covers the car, it costs more money than the outdoor storage unit.


Indoor storage, Air-Conditioned Storage Unit – Like its non-air-conditioned counterpart,

the car is covered by this type of car storage in Abu Dhabi unit.

The difference is that the storage is air-conditioned, so the temperature is generally kept at an excellent,

cool level. those who have a collectible car and do not want anything to happen to the vehicle,

generally use This type of car storage, including heart damage.

This is the most expensive type of car storage in Abu Dhabi available.



Prepare Your Car For Car Storage In Abu Dhabi.


Keep your gas tank full. Because, A full tank reduces the air gap above it, which prevents the gasoline from absorbing moisture. It helps mix certain additives in gasoline that act as corrosion inhibitors.


Replace the oil in your car. So, Dirty oil can destroy your car as impurities like water and oil can cause problems early on.


Unless you plan to take your car out frequently, consider removing the spark plugs,

spraying an excellent upper cylinder lubricant on the cylinder, and replacing the spark plugs.

And again, keep the master and brake cylinders filled with brake oil.



First Removalists And Storage


It’s important to avoid rust in the engine area. So, use a suitable lubricating spray on all exposed metal surfaces.


You will love seeing how your car looks stylishly parked in First Removalists Storage.

Wash your car ahead of time as well as apply wax to give it an excellent polished look.


Give your car a good run before driving it to the car storage in Abu Dhabi.



First Removalists: Storage Near Me


It helps evaporate moisture from the exhaust ducts. As a result, First Removalists storage staff recommends leaving the parking brakes off and leaving the gears in place.


Lastly, First Removalists Car Storage, based in the heart of Abu Dhabi, specializes in the storage of luxury and classic cars of all kinds. As car enthusiasts who also have the excellent technical knowledge, we understand what it takes to maintain and store a vehicle to the highest standards.



Secure Storage Solutions


If you need a safe storage facility in Abu Dhabi while you are relocating from your commercial or residential space,

we are here to help. Even if you are a residential client looking for some additional storage space to keep extra furniture items, feel free to give us a call.

We assure you that we store all your belongings  in a secure facility for the duration you need. So, For any more information about our short and long term storage facility in Abu Dhabi, call us with your requirement today. So,  First Removalists is here to help in every way possible. Get in touch with us through our online form or call us at 0525 633 557 to know more about our services and solutions

in Arabic Language نقل اثاث في دبي 



Cooling at different temperature levels


Heating to achieve precise conditions according to the production phase

Maintain certain temperature and humidity conditions within the work environment;

Rapid temperature transformation to preserve the organoleptic properties of the products!

Whether hermetic, semi-hermetic, or open, First removalists

offer a wide range of services to choose from and thus the

right solution for each requirement. You can trust our experience

and excellent quality at every step. And you can be sure that

all the systems we use are reliable for the long term.

Lastly, if you think the Frozen food storage in Abu Dhabi is

a place to store surplus products, let us introduce you to the

strategic advantage you can gain by partnering with First

removalist and leveraging our ecosystem.

You can store pallets of products and pick them up when needed,

or you can use our value-added services and keep your product

working for you while they’re with us. Talk to us about your

frozen food storage in Abu Dhabi, and our team will be glad to help.



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Very organised and competent company to deal with I have moved with them more than once and all moves went smoothly

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Fast and very friendly. We had to move to Dubai and I knew it was going to be a rough move but these guys were absolutely amazing.

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'm using their removals services for the second time, and I'm very satisfied again. They were prompt, respectful, efficient, careful, always asking where and how you want things moved. Even so, they were careful, no damage whatsoever. Definitely, would use them again.

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All packing materials we received turned out to be very handy. The moving boxes were big enough to carry all our belongings, including heavy items. The bubble wrap provided outstanding protection to everything. Thanks once again.

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